Anti-denial startup opens round to boost corporate vaccination

Anti-denial startup opens round to boost corporate vaccination
Anti-denial startup opens round to boost corporate vaccination

Many companies have vaccination campaigns for the health of their employees as part of their HR program. However, organizing and monitoring the results of such campaigns is not always an easy job. It is with an eye on this challenge that the ended up gaining important clients, and has now opened a new round of funding, focused on expanding its presence in the national market.

The round was opened via crowdfunding on the Captableand the healthtech’s goal is to raise R$1 million, money that will be invested in the continued development of its platform, improve its commercial team and take a new leap in growth, as highlighted in an interview with Startups by the founder and CEO of Vacinas.netMarcos Tendler.

According to the round information page, 60% of the resources will be allocated to technology and operations. The commercial will receive 25% of the contribution and the rest will go to marketing actions.

According to the executive, the startup’s objective is to use technology to eliminate complexity when a company wants to vaccinate its employees. He explains that the private vaccination market in Brazil is very large, estimated at R$1.8 billion, but it is still quite fragmented, spread across thousands of vaccination clinics and pharmacies, and there is a need to centralize these services to improve the experience within the corporations.

“A company that wants to vaccinate its employees needs to arrange specific clinics, or as is more common, choose a day to take a healthcare professional on site to carry out the vaccination. They are not effective models for ensuring employee buy-in and monitoring results, much less delivering scale”, explains the CEO.

Marcos says that, within the solution of, customers have access to a network of more than 450 approved clinics, being able to organize and manage vaccination campaigns in a decentralized way. With this proposal, the company caught the attention of large companies, such as Bayer, Arcos Dorados (controller of McDonalds), PicPay It is Apothecary.

Talking about Apothecarythis client was the biggest case in to date, applying around 4 thousand doses against HPV, and the project will be expanded this year. “It was considered the largest case of private vaccination that is not for the flu”, reveals Marcos.

Furthermore, healthtech takes care of connecting vaccine manufacturers with the vaccination centers involved in each campaign, also working to reduce costs per dose applied. This caught the attention of Prevent Senior, which started using the Prevent Senior platform to monitor the progress of your campaigns with policyholders and measure results.

Success stories

Launched in 2019, the healthtech began to take off in 2022, when it grew more than 10 times compared to the previous year, earning around R$7.3 million, and administering around 27 thousand vaccines.

In 2023, Marcos admits that growth was not as pronounced, with revenue remaining at R$5.7 million, but the year was important for establishing large-scale projects, as was the case with Apothecary. In terms of doses applied, the company maintained growth, jumping to 33 thousand, and increasing the number of corporate campaigns from 71 in 2022 to 96 last year.

For 2024, based on the new funding, the expectation of is to take another leap in its results, exceeding R$14 million in revenue, a target that, according to Marcos, is not that far from being achieved: the company has already started the year with major contracts in the pipeline, including a vaccination project against Herpes Zoster to be conducted with employees of the Natura Group all over the country.

Marcos Tendler, CEO and founder of (Photo: Disclosure)

The company is in no rush to accelerate its growth, despite the good prospects and great potential in the private and corporate vaccination market in the country. In addition to open fundraising on the crowdfunding platform, the company’s investors include Anjos do Brasil, Criabiz and DOMO Investand is focused on reaching breakeven by next year, maintaining a lean structure to guarantee the runway until then.

“We have a low churn, we focus on customer satisfaction, and we are reaping good results from the campaigns. With our model, we managed to almost double uptake in companies compared to the traditional vaccine campaign model. There were companies that jumped from 35% coverage to more than 60%”, reveals the CEO.


Despite being a management and monitoring platform for corporate vaccination campaigns, another very important focus in solving the, is engagement. According to Marcos, to obtain the adoption percentages seen among customers, technology is not just operational.

The company also has a CRM within its platform, which, integrated with the corporate communications of client companies, helps inform employees and inform them, something that impacts results, as explained by the healthtech CEO.

“We are an anti-denial startup in the sense that there is a fundamental tripod for vaccination to occur: vaccine, service and quality information. You can have the service, the information and not have a vaccine, so you run after having the product. Now, if you have the product available, you have the service available, but you don’t have quality information about vaccines, nothing happens. The basis of anti-vaccine denialism is precisely the dissemination of false information. We work very hard to provide our customers with the service, this safe information and the ability to get vaccinated”, he ponders.

Despite being a healthtech, it is not such a far-fetched assumption to think that the It also has an HRTech touch, as it takes on a job that many companies assign to their human resources teams, which is communicating and engaging employees about well-being actions, such as vaccination. “Look, I hadn’t thought about this side of HRTech, I’m going to include that in our sales pitch”, concludes Marcos, with good humor.

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