Wales suffers necrosis and becomes deformed after ‘plastic surgery package’ worth R$90,000 in Turkey

Wales suffers necrosis and becomes deformed after ‘plastic surgery package’ worth R$90,000 in Turkey
Wales suffers necrosis and becomes deformed after ‘plastic surgery package’ worth R$90,000 in Turkey

In September 2021, Sara Platts reached her highest weight: 152 kilos.

“I went through terrible times with my health and took so many pills that ended up contributing to my weight gain,” said the Welsh woman, according to the “Daily Star”.

“I went to an emergency appointment because my endometriosis was out of control and I needed an emergency hysterectomy, among other procedures. I couldn’t be a mother or a wife. I would just sit in bed and cry all day. I tried gym memberships and various diets , but nothing helped,” she added.

Suffering from depression, Sara saw an advertisement about plastic surgery in Türkiye. It didn’t take long for her to embark for the country known for “more affordable” aesthetic procedures.

The gastric surgery was a success.

“By January 2023, I had lost 76, but I still hated my body,” Sara declared. “Excess skin hung on me, and my mental health was deteriorating. I pretended to smile while everyone said I was fine, but deep down I was sad. I had extreme excess skin and felt like a flat tire. Arms , back, sides, breasts, belly, upper part of the belly, everything needed fixing”, he said.

That’s when she found out about a plastic surgeon in Antalya (Türkiye). In February, Sara saved around R$90,000 and left.

“I scheduled an extended abdominoplasty, a 360-degree upper body lift including back, under breasts and sides, breast lift and implants, and an arm lift. I was to do the procedures at intervals, starting with the abdominoplasty and then doing the rest six months later, but the surgeon did it all in a single procedure, without my consent”, highlighted the Welshwoman.

It took more than 12 hours of surgery.

“I had a mass in my chest that looked very worrying. They put me in a compression belt that was too small and I could barely breathe. Brown liquid started oozing out of my incisions,” the patient reported. “The doctor told me that corrective surgery was urgently needed. They rushed me to a clinical room instead of an operating room, where they assured me that I would be sedated. However, I remained conscious while the surgeon cut the tissue necrosis of my abdomen and used a burning tool to cauterize the wound,” she added.

Back in the UK, Sara was taken to emergency surgery at Swansea hospital (Wales). She was diagnosed with a drug-resistant infection that required isolation from other patients and prevented her from seeing her children for weeks. Over the next month, she underwent eight surgeries, including the removal of most of her breasts and implants, as well as extensive skin grafts to reconstruct her abdomen.

“I haven’t heard from the Turkish surgeon since he returned to the UK, but I believe he carried out many simultaneous procedures. Now, I have taken legal action against the surgeon, and the case is due to be heard in Turkey later this month,” said Sara.

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