Secretary of Health says that the change in command of the IJF is a ‘purely technical’ City Hall decision – PontoPoder

Secretary of Health says that the change in command of the IJF is a ‘purely technical’ City Hall decision – PontoPoder
Secretary of Health says that the change in command of the IJF is a ‘purely technical’ City Hall decision – PontoPoder

The health secretary of Fortaleza, Galen Thaumaturge, confirmed that the decision to change command at the Dr. José Frota Institute (IJF) was made by the City of Fortaleza, but pointed to a “purely technical” motivation for the movement. Doctor Daniel de Holanda was dismissed from his role as superintendent of the hospital unit last Tuesday (30).

“The Executive’s decision is purely technical, and I don’t see any major problems with this change”, he reinforced. Taumaturgo participates, this Thursday morning (1st), in the opening session of the legislative year at the Fortaleza City Council.

To the Northeast Diary, he reinforced that Holanda’s departure will have no impact on the functioning of the IJF and that the Department of Health “will provide full support” to the new management. “These are natural changes that happen, there won’t be any type of problem. The Secretariat will provide, as it has always done, all the support. The IJF is a large hospital, which already has an established routine, already has ways of working”, he guaranteed .

Asked if there was political motivation for the change in command of the hospital in the last year of the mayor’s term José Sarto (PDT), he said again that he considers motivation “to have more of a technical aspect”.

Reason for exchange was not stated

Among Fortaleza councilors, the reasons for Daniel de Holanda’s dismissal are not yet known. Parliamentarians from both the base allied with Mayor José Sarto and the opposition spoke about the change of command and said that there was no communication from the municipal management about the dismissal.

“I still don’t know the reason, the real reason,” said the councilor Iraguassu Filho (PDT), who serves as leader of the Mayor’s Office at the Fortaleza City Council. “It was not a dialogue that was carried out internally by the leadership.” Despite not having yet been informed about the reasons, the parliamentarian defended the municipal management against criticisms that have been made by opponents, that the change in the management of the IJF occurred for political reasons. “Dr. Daniel’s choice was always a technical choice, so that wouldn’t be the reason”, he countered.

Also from the base allied to the mayor, Adail Junior (PDT) confirmed that parliamentarians still do not know the reason for the decision, but that they consider a change in the hospital’s management to be “natural”. “First there has to be a reason, (…) because we don’t even know the reason”, he informed.

When asked by Northeast Diary, the councilor even pointed out that he considered that the decision could have come from the Department of Health (SMS) itself. “I have no doubt, this is an initiative, a consensus, from the SMS itself, from the Department of Health itself. I have no doubt about that”, he pointed out.

Opposition parliamentarian, Adriana Almeida (PT) also highlighted the lack of information about the exchange, which he characterized as “sudden”. “We need to understand to what extent this exchange is a political or technical exchange, because the IJF is one of the main equipment we have in the municipality here in our city. We need this answer, the mayor needs to give this answer”, reinforced the councilor .

Leaving the PDT, Nurse Ana Paula regretted the City Hall’s decision and said she considered the change in the management of the IJF to be “irresponsible”. “The IJF has suffered from inadequate staffing, the population has suffered from the lack of these professionals and now, at the end of the administration, there is a change of superintendent. In other words, what was already going bad will get even worse”, he criticized the councilor.

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