Brusque waives Covid-19 vaccine certificate for school enrollment: ‘parents’ right’

Brusque waives Covid-19 vaccine certificate for school enrollment: ‘parents’ right’
Brusque waives Covid-19 vaccine certificate for school enrollment: ‘parents’ right’

Another mayor of Vale do Itajaí announced the removal of the obligation to present a vaccination certificate against Covid-19 for children when enrolling or re-enrolling in the municipal education network. This time, the mayor of Brusque, André Vechi, announced the measure through social media, this Wednesday (31).

Mayor of Brusque took the decision to waive a child vaccination certificate against Covid-19 this Wednesday (31), after publishing a similar decree in Blumenau – Photo: Social Networks/Divulgação/ND

According to the head of the municipal executive, the decree he signed only changes the request for a coronavirus vaccine certificate for school-age children. The presentation of proof of other legally required childhood vaccinations remains valid.

“I have always been a defender of freedom, especially the freedom of parents to decide what they want for their children. (…) This is not being anti-vaccine, anti-science, this is respecting the freedom and right of parents to raise their children” stated André Vechi.

Brusque has around 15 thousand students in the municipal education network, both in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. The school year starts on February 15th.

Decision on child vaccination against Covid-19 follows measure already adopted by Blumenau

Also this Wednesday (31), Mayor Mário Hildebrandt, of Blumenau, announced that he is waiving, by decree, the need to present the coronavirus vaccination card for children who are enrolling or re-enrolling for the school year 2024.

The decision, according to the head of the Blumenau executive, was based on a series of demands received from the community. “After a detailed analysis, I determined that the Covid-19 vaccine is not mandatory for the 2024 school year, which remains optional, as recommended by the Ministry of Health,” said Mário Hildebrandt.

In the neighboring city of Indaial, Mayor André Moser (PL) took a similar measure, even before Blumenau. However, he forwarded a Bill to the City Council to remove the mandatory childhood vaccination against Covid-19 in the municipality.

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