Inhalers and nebulizers are tools to ensure well-being when going back to school – Jornal Estado de Minas

Inhalers and nebulizers are tools to ensure well-being when going back to school – Jornal Estado de Minas
Inhalers and nebulizers are tools to ensure well-being when going back to school – Jornal Estado de Minas

With the school season approaching, many parents are concerned about the health of their children, especially those who are prone to respiratory illnesses. Viral infections and climate change can trigger symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath and nasal congestion, making it essential to take care of children’s respiratory health

Changes in temperature, dry weather, dust: factors like these are triggers for worsening respiratory illnesses in children and adults. Anyone who has a small child with asthma or bronchitis, for example, knows what it’s like to worry about them to avoid a coughing fit, especially in times of heat and stuffy air. It is in this sense that inhalers and nebulizers can be good investments.

But who has never experienced this difficulty when choosing the best option for their child? This is the case of Camila Santos, mother of Sofia and Sara, aged two and six, respectively. “Back to school is synonymous with concern for parents who have children with allergies. And nebulization is necessary so that allergies do not become an impediment to school performance. But there are so many models that I had a lot of difficulty choosing.”

For Natália Griné, otorhinolaryngologist, before buying an inhaler and nebulizer, it is important to understand the peculiarities of each piece of equipment, such as checking the noise level of the device, especially when considering children, where time and noise become extremely relevant variables.

Furthermore, the relationship between particle size and the disease to be treated must be carefully analyzed, as this directly impacts the product’s capacity. The nebulization rate, representing the time the patient will spend performing the procedure, is another essential consideration, especially in the case of children, who may become tired when the delay is prolonged.

“Therefore, when making decisions about purchasing an inhaler/nebulizer, it is ideal to consider these elements to ensure effectiveness and comfort in respiratory treatment”, explains Natália.

Mesh Technology

Mesh technology inhalers offer an innovative approach to treating respiratory illnesses in children. These devices use a vibrating mesh to transform the liquid medication solution into fine particles, making it easier to inhale directly into the lungs. The effectiveness of this method translates into faster and more efficient absorption of the medication, providing immediate and lasting relief from respiratory symptoms.

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The otorhinolaryngologist explains that “inhalers with mesh technology are an excellent option for treating respiratory diseases in children. Precision in drug delivery and reducing waste are crucial aspects, ensuring more effective therapy.”

The best inhaler

Natália also shared some valuable tips for parents when choosing a suitable inhaler for their children.

  • Ease of use: choose an inhaler that is easy to operate, allowing the child to use it with adequate supervision
  • Size and portability: Choose a compact, portable inhaler for easy transport, making it a practical solution during classes and extracurricular activities
  • Simplified maintenance: ensure that the device is easy to clean and maintain, avoiding the accumulation of bacteria that could compromise the effectiveness of the treatment

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