Navigating Megatrends: The Role of Mental Health

Navigating Megatrends: The Role of Mental Health
Navigating Megatrends: The Role of Mental Health

By Andréa Nery

Closing the first month of 2024, another white January! Here, a month of break to recharge my batteries, connect with purpose, revisit goals and take care of myself. A movement that has become increasingly relevant in allowing me to support leaders in their personal and business challenges.

Over the past year I observed in practice what many reports have shown about mental health, I found people angry, anxious, sad and having great difficulty seeing meaning in what they are doing. With the “autopilot” on, many continued to act without awareness of what they were going through and without a broader perception of the context and traps they were experiencing.

Many of these people were leaders in charge of important projects, responsible for significant results, supporting teams, dealing with suppliers and participating in strategic decision-making in their companies.

By realizing the meaning of this we begin to understand the extent and impact that poor mental health has on relationships, business results and our way of living life.

And, to take care of it and deal with it, it is definitely necessary to do much more than offering a benefit within a hiring and retention package, it is necessary to transform a culture of relationships, change the vision of growth at any cost, and rethink the metrics that determine success.

We had a difficult year in many ways, which demanded a lot from all of us, but which could be a sample of the years that lie ahead.

The call to take better care of ourselves comes not only from within, when our already exhausted body forces us to take a break, but it comes from different directions, in uncertainties and volatility, and also, in a very explicit and clear way, in tragedies resulting from climate change. in various regions around the world.

During the World Economic Forum, held this month in Davos, the results of the most recent global risks report (i) were presented and in it, a vision of the challenges perceived by 1490 experts on what could significantly impact global GDP, the population and natural resources.

Source: World Economic Forum Global Risks Perception Survey 2023-2024

This report is yet another sign that we need to rethink the actions necessary to face these risks and reflect on the effects that the five megatrends, already known, but whose scope, impact and interdependence are growing, could have.

Technological innovations, global fragmentation, climate change, social instability and demographic shifts are already impacting and changing everything, and profoundly affecting our mental health.

This report helped me make important connections about the importance of continuing to support the internal development of leadership and encourage companies to look at skills and capabilities that will be increasingly essential to navigate this context in which megatrends are materializing in different realities and situations.

Navigating in a context of false information and misinformation, where atypical weather conditions change the ways of interacting with the environment and where uncertainty and complexity are part of everyday life, brings more urgency to seek this development.

Mitigating many of these risks will require global cooperation, challenging our ability to relate and collaborate. Solutions will come from many people with diverse perspectives and experiences, and will have to be innovative, requiring creativity, perseverance, optimism and a lot of courage to act.

I believe that the role that companies and organizations play in this scenario is crucial, but I note that there are still few that genuinely seek to incorporate practical and effective actions to face the situation and act in a more systemic and comprehensive way.

However, we do not have time to wait for this awakening and mobilization, we need to, in our role, take responsibilities, act to develop our resilience, dedicate time and energy in the search for self-knowledge to strengthen who we are.

May the end of this white January awaken in you an awareness of care, pause, connection and especially acting more in line with who you are, and what you want for the world!


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