The secret of 10 minutes a day that can revolutionize your brain health


In recent years, research has focused intensely on discovering methods to preserve and improve the cognitive function. Recently, two separate studies shed light on this issue, highlighting the power of physical exercise and music.

Physical exercise

The first study, involving around 4,500 participants, revealed that moderate to vigorous physical exercise, such as running, swimming, cycling and dancing, for just 10 minutes a day, can significantly improve brain health.

This finding draws attention to the ability of exercise to improve working memory and cognitive processing skills.

Surprisingly, even a small amount of daily activity has been shown to be beneficial, contrasting sharply with the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

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On the other hand, a study from the University of Exeter found that practicing music can be extremely beneficial in maintaining cognitive agility and resilience, especially in old age.

Participants who played instruments, particularly the piano, performed better on tests of memory, reasoning and speed of thought, compared to non-musicians. This finding suggests that learning and practicing a musical instrument may be an effective way to stimulate nerve growth and improve cerebral blood flow.


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Benefits of activities

Physical exercise, according to studies, appears to boost brain function, possibly by increasing cerebral blood flow. Music, due to its complexity and challenge, contributes to brain health by demanding intense cognitive activity.

Both studies highlight the importance of maintaining an active and cognitively challenging lifestyle to preserve brain health.

These findings are of great relevance to the general public, suggesting that adopting simple habits such as regular physical exercise and learning music can have a profound impact on cognitive health.

Such practices not only improve our brain capacity in the present, but may also be a valuable strategy for reducing the risk of dementia and other age-related cognitive declines in the future.

With these insights, the multiple possibilities for promoting brain health become evident, opening doors for public health initiatives focused on physical exercise and music education. These practices, in addition to being accessible, are also pleasant ways of investing in our cognitive health long-term.

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