Single session of Yoga is effective in controlling stress

Single session of Yoga is effective in controlling stress
Single session of Yoga is effective in controlling stress

Stress reactivity is reduced after a single Yoga practice, as shown in the systematic research “Effect of a single yoga and meditation session on stress reactivity: a systematic review”, published this month in the scientific journal Stress and Health.

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Of the total number of studies analyzed, 71% of those measuring physiological results and 65% of those addressing the psychological area indicated that a single session of Yoga and its components (meditation and breathing) is effective in reducing acute stress in adults and can be recommended to control this feeling.

Yoga teacher Nanda Roveda, from Soul Ashtanga Yoga, a school in Curitiba, explains that the practice is physical, mental and spiritual. “The combination of these factors aims to bring the practitioner to the ‘here and now’ and calm the body and mind but, in addition, it also works on muscle strengthening, posture and flexibility”, she explains.

Regular practice of activity also helps to improve sleep and balance and reduce symptoms of chronic back and neck pain, for example.

For Nanda, reducing stress is the result of good practice. “I feel fulfilled if the student leaves feeling calmer, more connected with the present moment, with their body and improved well-being. Calmness and improved focus to resolve everyday issues more clearly”, she highlights.

The World Health Organization has already recommended the practice in the workplace, with the aim of reducing workers’ stress, in the entity’s guidelines.

Yoga for children – The capital of Paraná, Curitiba, has just opened a Yoga school, which will offer classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin modalities, also with classes dedicated to babies and children.

According to the teacher and founder of Soul, Nanda Roveda, the objective is to offer a welcoming space for those who want to learn about or develop their practice. “Everything was designed to provide comfort and allow the student to find their essence.”


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