Meditation for anxiety: benefits and how to do it

Meditation for anxiety: benefits and how to do it
Meditation for anxiety: benefits and how to do it
Regina Restelli

Meditation for anxiety: benefits and how to do it

A meditation for anxiety
It’s a necessary habit. After all, the
Anxiety is an evil of our modern society. We are always in a time and space that is not the now. We imagine, plan, architect and even anxiously try to guess the future, but in these ways things don’t always turn out as we expect.

Most of us have forgotten that the future depends only on how we are living our present.

We don’t even notice the opportunities that present themselves, due to pure distraction or lack of presence. It is for this reason that the practice of meditation for anxiety
can help a lot. Are you willing to try?

In this text, I explain why you should follow.

From now on, I invite you to try the guided meditation for anxiety below:

How anxiety arises

The word anxiety comes from the Greek term anshein
, which means “to strangle, suffocate, oppress”. If it has this meaning, how can maintaining this behavior be good for us?

Review your thoughts, actions and complaints. It’s because the hustle and bustle of our tasks leaves us very attached to the results. Especially when it comes to work.

Well, what if I told you that this is a trap produced by your ungoverned mind, supported by the demands that the industrial revolution brought us?

I serve many people who, even though they are willing to change the pattern, still struggle with egos that are resistant to changing their behavior. Strive to control your mind. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely possible.

Reality, now in a very objective way, is the only thing that exists. Subjective thoughts reflect our habits.

And it is in this moment of now that you must invest in staying. Because if you are attentive in this space and in this time, you will naturally be without the emotional influence of what is already known.

We spend a good part of our lives wasting time imagining what it will be like, what we want it to be like, what the other person will think… pure guessing game.

Living thinking about the future is the safe way that our unconscious has found to try to maintain illusory control, which is why it causes us anxiety.

How meditation works against anxiety

Meditation – or simply trying to be more aware of your thoughts – can bring us many benefits when it comes to anxiety. By realizing which thoughts and feelings are being generated, we have the real opportunity to change our reality.

We can only choose what we are living with our consciousness activated. Practical example:

  • As I am trained in meditation, I realize the known pitfall and choose to think correctly.

Benefits of meditation for anxiety

  • Gives new meaning to the feeling of imminent tragedies and dramas
  • Improves correct and calm breathing control
  • Brings more tranquility and balance in general behavior

It does not stop there. Guided meditation for anxiety and relaxation triggers benefits, and one leads to the other, making us better and more balanced people in every way.

How to Practice Meditation for Anxiety

If you consider yourself an anxious person, try changing that. I propose a guided meditation exercise for anxiety that is very easy, but must be done a few times every day, for at least 21 consecutive days.

Do you agree? Lets start now? Follow this step by step

  1. Stop everything and notice how your body feels now, from head to toe. What are you looking at? Extend your gaze to the entire environment.
  2. After really seeing everything without focusing on anything, allow yourself to hear the sounds around you. Stick with just these tasks for one minute. What was it like staying in the now? It may be difficult at first, but it’s worth improving. Our mind has the “habit” of not being focused on the exact moment in which we are living. Don’t forget what habit you acquire. We lose energy and tranquility, judging everything around us. We even place concepts and meanings based on memories on objects.
  3. Observe your thoughts and understand how our exercise works. The important thing is to just observe without meanings, concepts and judgments. Just activate your senses. Being present means being absolutely focused on what is happening now and the chatty mind has no space in this place. We save a lot of time if we just focus on a single task, even if that is doing nothing, that is, meditating.
  4. So, if you are always focused on your tasks in the now, you will have the opportunity to experience a feeling of security, inner peace and satisfaction. All the anxiety and stress will eventually disappear completely.

try it

My proposal is that, for at least 21 days, you try to create the habit of spending as much time as possible experiencing the present moment. Once it becomes a habit it will be easier. To meditate, just observe the present.

The moment of now is the only thing that exists, the rest is memory and imagination.

Listen to a guided meditation for anxiety

Try this guided meditation for anxiety and relaxation. During the exercise, focus on keeping your exhalation longer than your inhalation, always inhaling at a time that is comfortable for you and exhaling at almost twice that time.

Also, try to send air to your diaphragm to ensure deep breathing. Relax and enjoy this guided meditation:

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Regina Restelli

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