5 workouts to lose belly fat

5 workouts to lose belly fat
5 workouts to lose belly fat

O stair simulator It is a great device for people looking to increase their aerobic resistance, burn fat and strengthen muscles. And best of all: you don’t need to be an advanced level athlete to get the benefits of this equipment, as even beginners are able to benefit from it. Using just a few minutes of your day, you can achieve firmer legs and buttocks.

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But, let’s face it, staying on the stair simulator for a long period of time can be a boring activity. Something that makes achieving goals difficult. So, to make the “monotonous” exercise a little more dynamic, there are some tactics you can use. Check out suggestions from physical educator Rafael Reis to make your experience on the device even more efficient:

How to explore the stair simulator correctly?

Running climb: Doing the equipment at a fast speed helps with caloric expenditure and muscle activation, but always respecting the limits. If you can’t do it for a long time at an advanced speed, the suggestion is that you do the training in an interval format.

Interval training: As the stair simulator is equipment that requires a lot of caloric expenditure, it is difficult to maintain a high intensity for a long time, therefore, doing the training in an interval format is a great alternative. For example: do one minute at an advanced speed and then do 2 minutes of recovery at a low speed, and so on.

Ascending with advance: Adding forward movement is a way to intensify your training. Climb two or three steps, depending on the ladder and your height, and lower your body by bending your knees at 90 degrees. Pull the back leg and repeat the movement. Execution takes place over time or repetitions, it all depends on the physical conditioning of each practitioner.

Climbing with squats: go up a step, stop, do a squat. Then repeat the movement, go up a step and repeat the squat. The important thing is to always maintain the correct position, take as many steps as you can.

Ladder plus one: An interesting way to intensify stair training is to use one of the variables mentioned above with another exercise outside of the stair. For example: a burpee. This way you make your training more dynamic and enhance body work.


According to the professor, the stair simulator is suitable for any type of person, as long as they do not feel pain when doing it. Climbing stairs is not a sport, but it can be considered a very good aerobic exercise for burning calories and burning fat. If you do it with discipline, you will start to notice a reduction in some measurements in two or three weeks.

Remembering that the use of the ladder is not recommended for people who have joint injuries, such as patellar chondromalacia or wear on the femur. The stairs can trigger pain and overload in the knees, ankles and hips. The professor explains that this can happen if the thigh and calf muscles are not strengthened.

Therefore, before starting any physical activity, look for a trained professional. He will be able to evaluate you and recommend the best way for you to perform the exercise safely.

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