Ciro Gomes criticizes Camilo Santana for releasing medical courses

Ciro Gomes criticizes Camilo Santana for releasing medical courses
Ciro Gomes criticizes Camilo Santana for releasing medical courses

The 2 politicians from Ceará broke up for good in 2022 after not agreeing on a ticket for the state government

Former presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT) published on social media on Friday (November 17, 2023) an excerpt from an interview in which he refers to the Minister of Education, Camilo Santana, as the “biggest disappointment” and the “greatest traitor in history”.

The interview was done within your platform “Brazil Unveiled”, in which the politician answers questions from the public. Ciro had been asked about the decision by the MEC (Ministry of Education) to open new medical courses throughout Brazil when he mentioned Camilo.

“The current Minister of Education, who is an illustrious Ceará native, for me is the biggest disappointment, the biggest traitor in history. Anyway, this is a parochial matter here, it authorized the opening of 95 new medical courses, all private”said the pedestrian.

The 2 Ceará politicians were once allies, but broke up in 2022 after disagreeing on the ticket that would run for state government. The discussion involved senator Cid Gomes (PDT-CE), who sided with Camilo.

Due to a decision by Ciro, then a candidate for president, former governor Izolda Cela could not have run for re-election. She had taken over the position left by Camilo, who left to run for the Senate. Cid wanted Izolda to be the candidate.

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The then governor decided to leave the party and supported the PT’s name in the dispute, Elmano de Freitas, who ended up being elected in the 1st round, with 54% of the votes. At the time, Ciro also suffered a national defeat, with 3% of the votes.

The former presidential candidate’s publication took place on the same day that the Minister of Education signaled that he spoke with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) about the possibility of Cid joining the PT. The 2 brothers fight for power within the PDT in Ceará and the senator gives indications that he should leave the party.


The MEC, together with the Ministry of Health, launched a notice in October that allows the opening of 95 medical courses, totaling 5,700 places, in 1,1719 cities in Brazil.

In Ceará, there will be 10 new courses. For Ciro, the new courses are not of high quality and will be offered with a high monthly fee. The PED member said that the policy will cause more expenses for public coffers, because the Union would have to subsidize the amounts through Fies (Student Financing Fund).

“Do you know how much the monthly fee for a course without any minimum quality requirement costs, ten, twelve thousand reais. Do you know who will pay for this? The National Treasury, this is the PT’s socialism”he declared in the interview.

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