Employees receive veterinary health insurance


To compete in the global market, companies offer a compensation package and benefits that attract potential candidates. Therefore, employers have sought different strategies to contribute to a positive work environment, not only to attract new talent, but to retain their current employees.


The benefits offered to workers have evolved and, currently, some companies even offer a veterinary health plan for employees who have pets.

Young woman with cat at the reception in vet clinic. Animal health care conceptYoung woman with cat at the reception in vet clinic. Animal health care concept
The percentage of employees who consider the health plan important is greater than the percentage of employers who think the same (Photo: reproduction)

The data comes from the 2024 Salary Guide, from Robert Half, specialized in human resources consultancy. Although 48% of employees believe that the veterinary health plan is important, only 6% of employers consider the benefit important.

Furthermore, the advantage considered most important by employees is the health plan (94%), which is also one of the most relevant benefits according to the opinion of business owners (77%).

Source: Your Digital Credit, adapted by the Cães e Gatos VET FOOD team.


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