Anvisa bans rice brand and situation TODAY (15)


Rice brand was taken off the shelves by Anvisa

Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) is responsible for promoting the protection of the population’s health, through sanitary control of the production and consumption of products and services subject to health surveillance. It is worth remembering that inspection can be carried out in various environments.

Whenever something wrong is found, Anvisa has the authority to apply a series of restrictions to the brand and can even ban the use of the product, asking that it be prevented from being sold. In this sense, we can cite as an example what happened with a brand of rice.

In January 2017, according to a G1 article, Anvisa banned the sale and distribution of a batch of Favorito brand rice because it contained “rodent excrement, whole and fragmented rodent hair, insect fragments and whole insect larvae”. At the time, the decision surprised many people.

At the time, the Regional Laboratory Center – Instituto Adolfo Lutz Campinas III detected the substances in samples of type 1 long fine rice, from batch 00204, valid until February 25, 2017. At the time, Anvisa had to intervene and asked the company collected stocks.

Anvisa banned Favorito rice brand in 2017 (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)

It is also worth noting that only this specific batch from the rice company was banned from sale, while other products of the same brand continued to be sold in commercial establishments, without showing any threat to health. Thus, the brand remains at full steam in the market.

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In which locations can Health Surveillance operate?

  • Food production, transport and marketing locations;
  • Places of production, distribution, marketing of medicines, products of interest to health;
  • Health service locations;
  • Environment;
  • Work environments and processes/worker health;
  • Post-marketing;
  • Architecture projects;
  • Public places;

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