PTG 2023 | Special Awards


Light Life (44.31%)

As O NOME already says, Vida Leve is about balancing your entire routine – and this can start with food. At the restaurant, dishes are made from the association of selected ingredients and excellent techniques. The result is frozen meals that are ready to eat in just a few minutes.

Adresses: Rua Abel Scuissiato, 96 – Guaíra | Rua João Alencar Guimarães, 21 – store 03 – Santa Quitéria.

Second place

Liv Up (39.43%)

Some of the most famous frozen foods in Brazil available in just a few hours: Live Up is already recognized as an easy option to guarantee balanced meals throughout the day, from a full lunch to a mid-afternoon snack. The guarantee of fresh products comes from partnerships with family farmers.

Frozen and fresh: Liv Up offers frozen meals made with advanced techniques

Address: Rua Desembargador Westphalen, 1855 – Center

Third place

Eat & Fit (16.26%)

Healthy eating routine combined with practicality: Eat & Fit delivers these benefits with quality complete frozen meals and, most importantly, full of flavor. The dishes are for all tastes and options range from lunch to dinner, including dessert and main course.

With Eat & Fit, you can create an entire healthy eating routine

Address: Rua Augusto Stresser, 866 – Juvevê.

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