Discover a plant rich in protein that prevents diseases and helps with sleep


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There is a plant that is so powerful that it can almost be compared to a multivitamin. Ora-pro-nóbis is one of the most nutritious natural elements that exist. In recent research, it was revealed that a portion of 10 leaves, equivalent to 15 grams, provides 15.2% of the daily iron needs, 23.3% of the copper needs, in addition to 23.5% of the fiber needs. and 51.3% of calcium needs.


The plant is also a source of protein. The 15-gram portion already supplies 5.7% of the day’s intake.

One of the most abundant amino acids in the plant is tryptophan, a serotonin precursor that helps with sleep and relaxation. If all these advantages weren’t enough, ora-pro-nóbis is also a source of magnesium, which helps with insulin sensitivity, treats high blood pressure and improves sleep quality.

But first, a warning: for the plant to have all these nutrients, the land must be very well fertilized, with black earth, humus, manure and organic fertilizers, so that the leaves become rich in minerals.

Another detail must be taken into consideration: to enjoy the benefits, it is important to opt for the dehydrated version, which concentrates the full range of nutrients.


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