Instituto Nossa Senhora Aparecida promotes actions for men’s health in Blue November


The Nossa Senhora Aparecida Institute (Insa) is committed to the Blue November campaign, whose purpose is to disseminate information about men’s health and reinforce the Ministry of Health’s guidelines to prevent, diagnose early and monitor cancer.

Leticia Kruger Zocolotti Rebello, director of health care, explained that during this month Insa will carry out a series of activities, such as lectures, on-site interventions, therapeutic sessions for men with Insa psychologist Daisy Neufeldt de Almeida, coffees, guidance on care and exams in collaboration with the Insa Humanization Commission and the Paranaense University (Unipar).

The coordination of the exams is the responsibility of the professor, nurse and technical manager at Unipar, Aline Sayuri, who works together with academics from the institution’s nursing course.

“On December 2nd, we will also have a campaign at Unipar, at the school health center, where men will be able to arrive, request exams and get tested. This is also a partnership with Insa. Regardless of whether it is the campaign month or not, whether it is pink October or blue November, if exams need to be carried out, we will collect them at any time. It’s a continuous action,” he explained.

INSA and Unipar team

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), prostate cancer is the second most common type among men in all regions of the country, behind only non-melanoma skin tumors. Projections for 2023 to 2025 point to 71,730 new annual cases of prostate cancer in Brazil. Currently, this disease is the second cause of cancer death in men, highlighting its epidemiological relevance in the country.

Age is the main risk factor for the development of prostate cancer, predominantly affecting men over 60 years of age. Other risk factors include a family history of the disease before age 60 and obesity in advanced types of cancer. Also noteworthy is exposure to chemical agents related to the work environment, contributing to 1% of prostate cancer cases.

INCA emphasizes the importance of men being aware of any irregularities in the body and seeking health services as quickly as possible to achieve an early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

This Insa initiative comes after the month of Pink October, in which several actions were undertaken to prevent and raise awareness about breast cancer, with the aim of disseminating information about the disease and reinforcing the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for prevention, diagnosis early and tracking.

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