Sebrae/PR launches special guide with trends for the well-being sector | Together to Undertake

Sebrae/PR launches special guide with trends for the well-being sector | Together to Undertake
Sebrae/PR launches special guide with trends for the well-being sector | Together to Undertake

Sebrae/PR prepared a special edition of the Trends Guide for entrepreneurs in the well-being segment. The content offers up-to-date insight into changes in customer consumption and lifestyles, as well as strategies to make your business more prepared for the future. With current data and ten specific trends for the sector, this study presents innovations and market perspectives.

According to Mauricio Reck, consultant at Sebrae/PR, the material was developed with the purpose of providing information and also explaining how trends work and their impact on consumption. Furthermore, the Trends Guide presents examples of companies that apply them in practice.

“The well-being market is huge and constantly growing around the world, and its importance has become even more evident post-Covid. Therefore, in this material we cover sectors such as beauty, health and others that are growing around the world. We also highlight the main macroeconomic forces and trends in these sectors, and how sustainable development is one of the main future directions in this context”, notes Reck.

It is also possible to check out the “Data Guide: Well-Being” in the material, where users will have access to comprehensive market content, including graphs and data that show how the well-being sector has transformed in the face of changes in consumer behavior ” has affected the lives of people around the world. The material also shows that, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, it is clear that people are more aware of the importance of taking care of themselves.

Among the data presented, a study by McKinsey (2021) stands out, which revealed that 79% of respondents recognize the importance of well-being, with 42% considering it one of their main priorities. Furthermore, the global wellness market surpasses the US$ 1.5 trillion mark and continues to show an estimated annual growth of between 5% and 10%, mainly with regard to services and products linked to the fitness sectors, health, nutrition, appearance, sleep and mindfulness (a term that can be translated as “full attention”).

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Growing and sharing

In the world of wellness entrepreneurship, inspiring stories of individuals overcoming obstacles and achieving success are a source of motivation and example. One of these cases is that of Odete Barro, owner of Salão Perfect in Toledo, in the west of the state, an entrepreneur who found her calling and professional success in the world of beauty.

She says that, when she started in this area, she had a lot of difficulty finding people who shared knowledge and were willing to teach. Therefore, she developed a social project called Libélula that professionalizes women in the beauty field.

“I realized that everything I didn’t have at the beginning of my journey, I can now offer in terms of knowledge, from entrepreneurship, marketing and management, to the ‘hands on’ practical course. Whether it’s knowledge, example or even advice, we can always change someone’s life for the better. And the beauty area taught me that”, emphasizes the businesswoman.

3 of 3 Disclosure — Photo: Kauã Veronese
Disclosure — Photo: Kauã Veronese

Technology for beauty

Kamilla Loyane, founder of the startup Lolita Bonita, from Cascavel, also in western Paraná, noticed during her training as a beautician the lack of a platform in her region that would make life easier for professionals and clients interested in beauty services. With support from Sebrae, she launched an app in 2019 to meet this demand

With this app, customers can search, schedule and pay online for hairdressing, manicure and massage services. It also innovated by offering discount coupons for off-peak days. In addition to the app, the startup launched the website, which works as an e-commerce for skin, body and hair care products.

“At the time, many clinics and salons were emerging, meaning it was a saturated market. That’s when I started thinking about how I could innovate and differentiate myself in this area. The essential thing is to bring together a fair price and quality service, this promotes a democratization of aesthetics”, says the entrepreneur.

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