These 5 tips will help you sleep better in this intense heat


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How to sleep better in the heat?

The week has been dominated by a new wave of extreme heat in several states in Brazil, which appears to continue advancing, at least, until next Friday, the 16th.

The rise in temperature is causing various discomforts, including signs of sleep disturbances, which increase at the same rate as thermometers show higher degrees.

Why do people sleep poorly in the heat?

According to a study carried out in the Netherlands, it was found that the incidence of sleep disorders increases by around 11% with each increase of 1°C in ambient temperature. In closed places, this percentage jumps to 24%.

The explanation basically lies in the body’s working mechanism. For a full and restful sleep, the body temperature needs to drop a little when the person falls asleep.

In situations of intense heat, the body finds it more difficult to regulate internal temperature. This happens because the body has a natural resource that causes this drop, usually during the afternoon and evening, which is compromised by the external thermal increase.

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Follow the tips to overcome sleep disorders

How to improve sleep on hot days?

Even though there is no definition of an exact temperature to induce sleep, there are some strategies to put into practice and mitigate the impact of heat, providing a more restful night’s sleep. Below, follow the tips:

  1. Taking a cold shower can be beneficial, as it helps reduce body temperature.
  2. Drinking cold water before bed helps hydrate the body and increases the feeling of freshness.
  3. Keeping windows open at night facilitates air circulation. The use of air conditioning or a fan also helps to minimize heat in the environment. Furthermore, it is important to keep the environment humidified, especially on high temperature days.
  4. Choose light clothing to sleep.
  5. Finally, avoid physical exercise at night.

By following these steps, it is possible to alleviate the unpleasant effect of heat and guarantee a refreshing night’s sleep.

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