5 mistakes to avoid when buying diet foods

5 mistakes to avoid when buying diet foods
5 mistakes to avoid when buying diet foods

Not all foods sold on the market are healthy | Photo: (ViDI Studio | Shutterstock)

In the search for a balanced diet, one of the most important steps is knowing how to buy the foods recommended by nutritionists correctly. However, this is a crucial detail that often goes unnoticed by most people. The infinity of products on the shelves can also generate doubts, and the result is that unhealthy foods become an option for those who are not paying attention.

However, making healthy eating decisions does not require so much complexity in practice. In order to help those who aspire to maintain a balanced menu, Mariana Gomes, nutritionist associated with the Personal Virtual app, highlights frequent mistakes when filling the pantry and how to keep your diet up to date. Check out!

1. Not checking the labels

Often, with the rush of everyday life, people don’t read product labels to check the ingredients, sugar content, sodium, etc. saturated fat and other nutrients. “Choosing foods with fewer additives and processed ingredients is essential for a healthy diet,” explains the nutritionist.

“It is important to choose those that have the least amount of ingredients possible and avoid those that have many unknown components. An extra tip is that in the list of ingredients, the product that appears first is the one that comes in the greatest quantity”, he adds.

2. Ignoring nutritional value

Choosing foods solely based on taste or appearance can lead to poor choices. “It is important to consider the nutritional value of foods, prioritizing those rich in vitaminsminerals and fibers”, recommends Mariana Gomes.

A very smart attitude is to pay attention to the quantity of food. Generally, the number of calories appears on the label. But it can be very confusing, for example, to say “only 20 calories per serving”. How much is this portion? It is necessary to pay attention.

Ultra-processed foods are not beneficial to health (Image: bodnar.photo | Shutterstock)

3. Excessive ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods often contain high levels of sugar, sodium and saturated fats. Furthermore, many that we think are healthy are ultra-processed, such as turkey breast, wholemeal bread, among others. “Limiting the consumption of these products and opting for healthier and more natural alternatives is a good choice”, says Mariana Gomes.

4. Lack of meal planning

Going to the supermarket without one meal plan It can result in impulsive purchases, which is even bad for your wallet, as many things can be wasted. “Plan your meals in advance and make a shopping list to avoid buying items that will end up in the trash,” advises the professional.

5. Not seeking professional guidance

It seems obvious, but many people still believe they can do their meal planning alone. However, consulting a nutritionist is a wise decision for anyone who wants to follow a balanced diet, thinking far beyond the weight on the scale, but about health in general.

“It is necessary to seek guidance from a health professional to obtain a personalized eating plan suited to individual needs”, concludes the nutritionist.

By Isabela Rocha

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