Five foods that inflame the body and worsen illnesses

Five foods that inflame the body and worsen illnesses
Five foods that inflame the body and worsen illnesses

Adopting a correct and balanced diet is one of the pillars of a healthy life. On the other hand, some foods are very harmful, as they promote inflammation in the body, contributing to the development of illnesses and worsening the symptoms of chronic diseases.

Excessive consumption of these foods contributes to the body’s imbalance and can also lead to the development of diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and various types of cancer.

Those who already face chronic illnesses should be even more cautious when eating these foods. As they trigger the inflammatory process, they worsen the symptoms of these illnesses.

One of these conditions is lipedema, a chronic disease characterized by the accumulation of fat in the legs and arms, and mainly affects females. The problem still has no cure, but one of the pillars of treatment is anti-inflammatory nutrition.

“The consumption of inflammatory foods, such as ultra-processed foods, fried foods, foods rich in a lot of sugar and sodium, for example, worsens the symptoms of lipedema, which are pain, exhaustion and swelling, changes in sleep and even difficulties in mobility, due to excess of fat on the legs”, informed nutritionist Thamires Pralon Favato.

The endocrinologist at the Lipelife Institute, Lusanere Cruz, warns about the consumption of ultra-processed and processed foods. “Cookies, soft drinks, chips, sausages, canned goods, ice cream, industrial sweets and fast foods are the real villains, due to the addition of hydrogenated fat, sodium, sugar, preservatives and dyes”.

Another example is endometriosis, an inflammatory disease caused by endometrial cells that, instead of being expelled during menstruation, migrate to the ovary or abdominal cavity, where they multiply and bleed again. The condition can be very painful, mainly causing severe cramps and exhaustion, and is also aggravated by poor diet.

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“In the case of chronic diseases, a healthy diet contributes to the relief of symptoms and, consequently, promotes a better quality of life for patients. The consumption of inflammatory foods, in addition to worsening these conditions, increases the risk of developing other illnesses, such as diabetes, intestinal and cardiovascular diseases, among others”, warned the nutritionist.

Despite dietary care, endocrinologist Lusanere Cruz highlighted that no macronutrients or micronutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber and vitamins, should be eliminated from the diet, as it will last for life.

“What is recommended is lower carbohydrate consumption, choosing natural, unsaturated fats and giving preference to unprocessed and whole foods. If a specific food is bad for a certain person, another one from the same group should be chosen”, considered the doctor.

It is important to remember that every diet must be prescribed by a specialized professional, as foods can have different effects on each person. “What causes inflation in one patient may not cause inflation in another”, explains endocrinologist Lusanere Cruz.

Check out 5 inflammatory foods that worsen chronic diseases

1 – Ultra-processed: processed foods, such as sausage, ham, bacon and mortadella, are rich in saturated fat, trans fat and other components that are harmful to health, aggravating inflammation.

2 – Sugar: it is considered a highly inflammatory food that, in addition to worsening the symptoms of chronic diseases, such as lipedema, favors excess weight and the emergence of various diseases.

3 – Foods rich in salt: excess salt in the diet can lead to fluid retention, worsening some symptoms, such as bloating, closely linked to lipedema.

4 – Refined carbohydrates: foods made from white flour and gluten, such as bread, cookies and cakes.

5 – Alcoholic drinks

 Fontes: médica endocrinologista Lusanere Cruz e nutricionista Thamires Pralon Favato, do Instituto Lipelife.

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