Grupo Ric awards most remembered brands in the health and well-being sector

Grupo Ric awards most remembered brands in the health and well-being sector
Grupo Ric awards most remembered brands in the health and well-being sector

TOPVIEW is paying special tribute to the health and well-being brands that have built strong memories among consumers in Curitiba. In partnership with RICtv and JP News Curitiba 107.1, the vehicle launched the Mais Saúde TOPVIEW Award.

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“The Mais Saúde TOPVIEW Award is a new opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to promoting brands in the health and well-being sector that operate strongly in Curitiba”, highlights the Director of Product, Content and Convergence at Grupo Ric and Publisher of TOPVIEW, Marcus Yabe.

Dircéa Correa Petrelli Trophy

All 60 winners will be awarded the Dircéa Correa Petrelli Health Trophy, which honors the wife of the founder of the RIC Group, Mário Petrelli, and mother of the current President, Leonardo Petrelli. In 2008, she passed away due to respiratory failure and, after the incident, the RIC Group created the RIC Institute, which has as one of its pillars the development of programs aimed at health. Dircéa, for having inspired the creation of the Institute that highlights projects aimed at health, well-being and solidarity in the south of the country, gives the name to the Mais Saúde Award trophy.


In the first phase, more than 400 health and wellness brands were evaluated by TOPVIEW’s editorial and commercial board to receive public recognition. From this selection, the brands were divided into 60 categories, which range from hospitals to gyms. For each category, up to five special brands were listed. Attributes related to brand expression, reach, strength, recall and presence were taken into account.

In the second phase, more than 80 judges accepted the challenge of choosing three names among the five brands in each of the 60 categories of the Mais Saúde TOPVIEW Award. And, to choose the winning brands, the public voted and defined the most remembered brands in each of the sectors honored in the awards.

Voting began on TOPVIEW’s Instagram, @topviewclub, on October 23rd and closed on October 29th. The brands that obtained the highest combined number of votes among the public (number of likes) and judges (voting in the first phase) won.

The result will be announced on November 8th, on all official TOPVIEW channels. The winners will be honored at an exclusive gala party on November 28th, at the Salão Azul of Clube Curitibano. Tables for the party are available for purchase.

Mais Saúde Award TOPVIEW 2023: winners!

Best Fitness Space

  • WINNER | Swimex Academia
  • Cia Athletica Curitiba
  • Bodytech – Shopping Crystal

Best Swimming Space

  • WINNER | Be Happy Academy
  • Gustavo Borges Academy
  • Amaral Swimming School

Best Crossfit Space

  • WINNER | Crossfit Barigui
  • Crossfit Demolishers
  • CrossFit Dockers

Best Weight Loss Service

  • WINNER | Revitalize Clinic
  • Slimming Center
  • Vitalize – Integrated Clinic

Best Spa

  • WINNER | Tereza Zanchi
  • Gaya Wellbeing
  • Spa Lapinha

Best Private College for Health Courses

  • Positive University
  • Mackenzie Evangelical College of Paraná

Best Compounding Pharmacy

  • WINNER | The formula
  • Quallitá Pharmacy
  • Formedica

Best Home Care

  • WINNER | Medlar Health
  • Home Angels Brazil
  • Hands Home Care

Best Private Hospital

  • WINNER | Saint Marcellin Champagnat Hospital
  • Hospital INC – Institute of Neurology of Curitiba
  • Pilar Hospital

Best Public Hospital

  • WINNER | Cajuru University Hospital
  • UFPR Clinical Hospital
  • Workers’ Hospital

Best Philanthropic Hospital

  • WINNER | Little Prince Hospital
  • Santa Casa de Curitiba
  • Erasto Gaertner Hospital

Best Clinical Analysis Laboratory

  • WINNER | Lanac
  • Frischmann Aisengart
  • Unimed Laboratory

Best Pathological Anatomy Laboratory

  • WINNER | Neopath Diagnostic Pathology
  • Citolab
  • Byori

Best Health Plan

  • WINNER | Unimed Curitiba
  • Bradesco Saúde
  • SulAmérica (Paraná Clinics)

Best Pharmacy Chain – TOPVIEW Tribute – Expression Brand

  • WINNER | Nisei Pharmacies

Best Maternity

  • WINNER | Curitiba Maternity Hospital
  • Santa Cruz Hospital
  • Our Lady of Grace Hospital

Best Hearing Aid Solutions

  • WINNER | Audiotec Widex
  • Leader Hearing Center
  • Audiocare

Best Nursing Home

  • WINNER | Elissa Village
  • Solary Ville
  • Gardenville

Best Family Protection Insurance – TOPVIEW Tribute – Expression Brand

Best Medical Center

  • WINNER | Eco Medical Center
  • DOC Batel Castle
  • Mab Medical Center

Best Acupuncture Clinic

  • WINNER | Japan Chiropractic Center
  • Well Living Medical Clinic
  • Ceclin São Camilo

Best Allergy and Immunology Clinic

  • WINNER | IPO – Rhinitis and Allergy Center
  • ENTs Curitiba
  • Pulmonary Curitiba

Best Angiology Clinic

  • WINNER | Angioprime
  • Circulation Institute
  • Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Best Digestive System Clinic

  • WINNER | Sugisawa Hospital
  • Nassif Clinic
  • Dr. Caetano Marchesini Clinic

Best Cardiology Clinic

  • WINNER | Fisicor
  • Costantini Cardiological Hospital
  • Pilar Hospital

Best Cardiovascular Clinic

  • WINNER | InCor Curitiba
  • Angio Cor
  • Pilar Medical Center

Best Plastic Surgery Clinic

  • WINNER | Dr. Sandro Beira Clinic
  • Dr. Romão Youssef Clinic
  • Los Angeles Clinic

Best General Surgery Clinic

  • WINNER | Saint Marcellin Champagnat Hospital
  • Sugisawa Hospital
  • Vita Hospital

Best Dermatology Clinic

  • WINNER | Cepelle
  • Dermatological Institute of Curitiba
  • Emmanuelle Bertoldi Clinic

Best Endocrinology and/or Metabolism Clinic

  • WINNER | Endocore
  • Curitiba Diabetes Center
  • Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology of Paraná

Best Aesthetic Clinic

  • WINNER | Onodera Clinic
  • Vitaclin
  • New York Clinic

Best Physiotherapy Clinic

  • WINNER | CliniFisio
  • Fisicor
  • Itupava Physiotherapy Clinic

Best Speech Therapy Clinic

  • WINNER | Fonolife
  • AudioClin Curitiba
  • Otorinos Curitiba

Best Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic

  • WINNER | Feliccita Clinic
  • Embryo
  • Femme Santé

Best Infectious Diseases Clinic

  • WINNER | Hospital INC – Institute of Neurology of Curitiba
  • Oswaldo Cruz Hospital
  • Dr. Jaime Rocha Clinic

Best Occupational Medicine Clinic

  • WINNER | Imtep
  • Curitiba Polyclinic
  • Insat

Best Sports Medicine Clinic

  • WINNER | Vita Hospital
  • Pro Ativa Health Clinic
  • Athlete Clinic

Best Preventive Medicine Clinic

  • WINNER | Dr. Joana Iarocrinski Clinic
  • Cmp – Paraná Preventive Medicine Clinic
  • Atman Institute

Best Nuclear Medicine Clinic

  • WINNER | Cermen – Nuclear Medicine
  • Quanta Diagnostic Imaging
  • Paraná Nuclear Medicine Center

Best Nephrology Clinic

  • WINNER | Uroville Curitiba
  • Kidney Institute of Paraná
  • Nations Nephrology Center – Hospital das Nações

Best Neurology Clinic

  • WINNER | Hospital INC – Institute of Neurology of Curitiba
  • Neurobrain International Institute
  • CINP – Integrated Neurology Center of Paraná

Best Nutrition Clinic

  • WINNER | Curitiba Nutrition
  • Clínica Paranaense – Nutrition and Psychology
  • Bettega Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic

Best Nutrology Clinic

  • WINNER | CITH Clinic
  • Juliana Battiston

Best Ophthalmology Clinic

  • WINNER | Paraná Eye Hospital
  • Eye Doctor
  • Curitiba Ophthalmology Institute: IOC

Best Oncology Clinic

  • WINNER | Curitiba Oncology Institute – IOP
  • Paraná Oncology Center – COP
  • Oncoville

Best Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic

  • WINNER | Hospital XV
  • Arthritis Clinic
  • Knee Clinic

Best Otorhinolaryngology Clinic

  • WINNER | ENTs Curitiba
  • Hospital IPO | Paraná Institute of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Iguaçu Hospital

Best Pediatrics Clinic

  • WINNER | Little Prince Hospital
  • Children’s Institute
  • Our Lady of Grace Hospital

Best Pulmonology Clinic

  • WINNER | Carolina Severo Clinic
  • Pulmonary Curitiba
  • Pneumology Curitiba

Best Psychiatry Clinic

  • WINNER | Heidelberg Clinic
  • Bom Retiro Hospital
  • Veritas Clinic – Psychiatry & Neurology

Best Radiology and Imaging Diagnostic Clinic

  • X-RULM

Best Radiotherapy Clinic

  • WINNER | Oncoville
  • Erasto Gaertner Hospital
  • Our Lady of Grace Hospital

Best Rheumatology Clinic

  • WINNER | Hospital of the Nations
  • RheumatoCare
  • Dr. Acir Rachid Medical Center

Best Urology Clinic

  • WINNER | Uroclinic
  • Uropar
  • Urocenter

Best Vaccination Clinic

  • WINNER | Vaccine
  • Cevacine
  • Immunizes

Best Implantology Dental Clinic

  • WINNER | Zétola Institute
  • Christian Andrade Institute
  • Odonto Pius XII

Best Pediatric Dentistry Dental Clinic

  • WINNER | Lam Vie
  • Liliana Temporão Clinic
  • Dr. Stella Dumke Clinic

Best Orthodontics Dental Clinic

  • WINNER | Zétola Institute
  • CEOPAR Dentistry
  • Castell-Odonto

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic

  • WINNER | Dr. Pinho Dentistry Clinic
  • Delatorre Dentistry
  • Paulo Stroparo Dentistry Clinic

Best Dental Radiology Clinic

  • WINNER |
  • CIOP
  • Doc Center

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