6 consequences that the disorder can have on your health

6 consequences that the disorder can have on your health
6 consequences that the disorder can have on your health

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Our body’s physical response to a stimulus, stress affects 90% of the world’s population, according to World Health Organization (WHO). When present frequently, stress is capable of generating physical, emotional and psychological consequences.

Furthermore, other problems such as hair lossmuscle pain, headache, low libido, depression and insomnia can also be associated with stress.

Below, check out six effects that this illness can have on your body and mind:

1. Sleep
In addition to the physical and emotional, stress directly interferes with our mental part, directly influencing memory and concentration. It also hinders the ability to pay attention to different tasks.

2. Hair loss
Stress is an enemy to the body and affects, mainly, the hair. This is due to the hormones produced, such as testosterone, which interrupt the cells responsible for hair growth. Hair loss can happen to both men and women.

3. Muscle pain
Muscle pain can have several reasons, and one of them is stress. When we are stressed, our body ends up contracting its muscles without realizing it. Headache, back pain and even stiff neck may occur. Poor posture during work, or in any other day-to-day situation, can also increase the effects of stress and increase body pain.

4. Skin diseases
When our body is stressed, under tension, immunity decreases, making diseases more likely to appear. Dryness and acne are common.

5. Low libido and infertility
What about sex stress? It’s a big obstacle. A woman who cannot relax during the day may end up taking the problem to bed, disrupting her sexual performance and even her fertility.

When a woman is stressed, she ends up releasing substances, such as cortisol and alpha-amylase, which interfere with the menstrual cycle, damaging fertility.

6. Irritability
Various situations during the day can trigger stress and interfere with our emotional health. The environment can be another factor that triggers stress, even if the event is something positive, like a new change.

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