Doctor arrested in Rio de Janeiro for rape during childbirth


Anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella was arrested early this morning (11) for committing rape during childbirth at the State Women’s Hospital, in São João de Meriti, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The hospital’s nursing staff was suspicious of the doctor’s attitude, who applied more sedatives than necessary for a cesarean delivery, leaving the women unconscious, and therefore placed a cell phone to film him.

According to the delegate responsible for the case, Bárbara Lomba, head of the Police Station for Assistance to Women in São João de Meriti, the images show the doctor performing oral sex with the unconscious woman for about 10 minutes, while the team performs the surgery, separated only by the blue sheet, called the surgical field, placed to isolate the surgical site from the parturient’s upper body, preventing contamination.

“It was appalling to see the actions of the investigated in the video. We here, who have some experience with atrocities, with very serious, violent conduct, have been working with crimes for 21 years, we were terrified, what we saw is unbelievable, it is extremely serious. Even more serious because it is a professional who should be taking care of the patient, the patient is in the hands of that professional, totally vulnerable, at a really important moment in life, having a child, inside the Hospital da Mulher, which is a specific care center for women,” said the delegate.

witnessed scene

The delegate explained that, in the previous surgery, a member of the nursing team needed to check a scalpel and witnessed the scene.

And he added: “Yesterday, on the 10th, there were three surgeries. In the second surgery there was a problem with the scalpel and she [a integrante da equipe] he had to check what the problem was and then he came across the doctor with his penis exposed. But she remained calm, as if she hadn’t seen it, and they, in order not to be in a situation of just one person reporting, decided, together, to try to record images, to try to document the actions of the investigated in the other surgery ”.

After filming, the team informed the hospital’s directors, who called the Civil Police. The doctor was arrested in the act and will be sent to the custody hearing. According to the delegate, he preferred not to comment. The name of the doctor arrested was not released.

“The investigated person did not want to make statements at the police headquarters, was assisted by a lawyer and, guided, preferred not to make statements at the police station, he will make statements in court. All the while looking resigned, he didn’t show much surprise, didn’t show regret, didn’t deny and didn’t confess, simply following all the procedures here at the police station without saying anything”, revealed the police officer.

The doctor was indicted and arrested in flagrante delicto for rape of a vulnerable person, due to the impossibility of defending the victim, a crime that carries a penalty of eight to 15 years in prison. The delegate also said that she has already requested documents from the hospital to verify that medicines were given to other patients seen by the doctor and whether or not there was a real need for sedation in the cases.


In a statement, the Fundação Saúde do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and the State Health Department (SES) “vehemently” repudiated the anesthesiologist’s conduct and made themselves available to the police to collaborate with the investigation.

“We inform you that an internal investigation will be opened to take administrative measures, in addition to notification to the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj). The Hospital da Mulher team is providing all support to the victim and her family. This behavior, in addition to deserving our repudiation, constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with current legislation.

The president of the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Clovis Munhoz, informed, in a note, that he has already opened an investigation into the case and may revoke the doctor’s license.

“Cremerj informs that it received the complaints and opened a precautionary procedure for the immediate suspension of the doctor given the seriousness of the images. Cremerj will institute, after the precautionary procedure, a disciplinary process of cassation”.

The doctor’s defense alleges that he has not yet obtained full access to the testimonies and evidence that were produced during the drawing up of the arrest report in flagrante delicto. “The defense also informs that after having access to its entirety, it will manifest itself on the accusation made against the anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella”. (With information from Brazil Agency and G1)

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