Doctor is arrested for rape of patient who underwent cesarean section, in Baixada Fluminense

Doctor is arrested for rape of patient who underwent cesarean section, in Baixada Fluminense
Doctor is arrested for rape of patient who underwent cesarean section, in Baixada Fluminense

The doctor Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was arrested and booked in the act, on Sunday night (10), for rape. The anesthesiologist abused a patient while she was drugged and undergoing a cesarean section at the Women’s Hospital in Vilar dos Teles, São João Meriti, a municipality in Baixada Fluminense. Women from the team performing the operation were suspicious of the doctor’s behavior and filmed him with a hidden cell phone. This was the third surgical procedure that Giovanni participated in on duty.

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The investigation began after employees of the health unit suspected the doctor’s conduct. The recording recorded the man putting his penis into a patient’s mouth as he participated in her delivery. The recording was handed over to investigators from the Police Station for Assistance to Women (Deam) in São João de Meriti.

Nurses and technicians at the Hospital da Mulher de Vilar dos Teles, in São João de Meriti, had already been suspicious of the attitude of the anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra for months. To prove their suspicions, they began to record the specialist when he delivered. And this Monday morning was no different. Bezerra was caught raping a pregnant woman during a cesarean section at the unit. The images served as evidence for the doctor’s arrest.

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According to the Deam of São João de Meriti, the anesthesiologist’s behavior with the amount of sedative he applied to pregnant women was the trigger.

The employees who denounced the doctor said that, only this Sunday (10), Giovanni would have participated in two other surgeries in rooms where hidden recording was not possible. It was only in the third operation that the images were possible. The recording was made by a hidden cell phone.

Anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was arrested in the act still wearing the doctor’s clothes Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

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In the images of the act, the patient is lying on the stretcher, unconscious, about to give birth. On the left side of the sheet, the hospital’s surgical team begins the cesarean section. Meanwhile, on the right side of the sheet, about a meter away from his colleagues, Giovanni unzips his pants, puts his penis out and inserts it into the pregnant woman’s mouth.

The crime lasts approximately 10 minutes. While abusing the victim, the anesthetist moves around so that no one in the room notices. When finished, he takes a tissue and wipes the victim to hide the traces.

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The police are now trying to find other possible victims of the anesthesiologist.

Shortly after 11:15 am, the anesthesiologist left the São João de Meriti Deam, taken by Polinter agents. The specialist was asked by journalists why he committed the crimes and whether he regretted it. However, Giovanni was silent. The anesthesiologist will be referred to the José Frederico Marques Public Prison, in Benfica.

Lawyer Hugo Novais, who defends Giovanni, stated that he “has not yet obtained access to the entirety of the testimonies and evidence that were produced during the drawing up of the arrest report in the act”. Also according to the defense, “after having access to its completeness, it will manifest itself on the accusation made against the anesthesiologist”.

By means of a note, the Fundação Saúde do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and the State Department of Health affirm that they “vehemently repudiate the conduct of the anesthesiologist” and “are at the disposal of the police, collaborating with the investigation”. The bodies also inform “that an internal investigation will be opened to take administrative measures, in addition to notification to Cremerj. The team at the Women’s Hospital is providing full support to the victim and her family”. The text also highlights that the case, “in addition to deserving our repudiation, constitutes a crime, which must be punished in accordance with the legislation in force”.

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