Viver Bem by Unimed assists pregnant women with Gestar Bem

The Viver Bem Preventive Health Program at Unimed Dourados has open enrollment for the Gestar Bem Program, developed with the objective of guaranteeing the quality of maternal and child health through a set of health actions aimed at care and protection. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the program is happening online, where a multidisciplinary team composed of an obstetrician, nurse, pediatrician, psychologist, nutritionist and physical therapist take information to participants through lectures and mini-courses.

By signing up for the “Gestar Bem Program”, the participant receives guidance on how to participate in online activities. “We can’t bring people together in our space because of the Covid-19 pandemic, however we can’t help but offer the opportunity for pregnant women, Unimed beneficiaries, to receive information at this important stage”, emphasizes nurse Carolina Claus, COREN MS 378,819, coordinator of the Preventive Medicine Programs at Unimed Dourados.

The “Gestar Bem Program” seeks to ensure the well-being of the pregnant woman and the baby. This is done through reception, monitoring, tips, guidance and training in a humanized way for a safe, quality and excellent pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. Topics such as types of childbirth and their benefits are addressed; nutrition and exercise during pregnancy; breastfeeding; newborn care; First aid; vaccines, among other important issues during this period.

The online course consists of three meetings of a maximum of 1h30 each and there is no cost to the participants. Through the course, the “Gestar Bem Program” offers pregnant women the opportunity to express feelings, share experiences, acquire knowledge, encouragement and a healthy quality of life. “With this, she prepares herself for different stages of pregnancy, from birth to postpartum”, explains Carolina Claus.

The coordinator talks about the benefits of the course. “In the midst of the pandemic, our course to manage well in online mode brought opportunities for these moms to share their doubts, emotions, anxieties and count on support throughout this process of transformations, from breastfeeding to postpartum”, she emphasizes. “It was a very cool dynamic because we continued to interact, seeing the babies develop and the happiness of each mother with her motherhood”, concludes Carolina Claus.


Thalita Kelly Motano Daquinto, participant in the Gestar Bem Program: “I am 39 years old and I returned to Dourados 3 years ago to work. I always had the dream of being a mother and at that time I met my husband and got pregnant. It was such a happiness. Dreams coming true. However, the pandemic came and the world had to readjust to the routine. And I would be no different, even more pregnant. Transferring my Unimed to the state of MS, I had the happy opportunity to get to know the “Viver Bem” program of preventive medicine at Unimed Dourados. What a unique opportunity. I was welcomed by the entire team, where they created a group of pregnant women “Gestar Bem”, with the intention of guiding us in what is necessary and of supporting each other in this moment of whirlwind of feelings. Many there, like me, are first-time moms. But that didn’t matter because the reception was so good and the exchange of experience was so natural and human, that being a mother and dealing with motherhood is being “light”.

To say that I have no fear, insecurity and doubt, I am omitting, but I certainly have, in addition to my family, a second support to help me on this journey. I, in particular, went through very antagonistic situations: life, with the birth of my son and death, with the departure of my dear father-in-law. With the opportunity of a better service for my husband, and I couldn’t take classes, which is my job. Hence, I reinforce the joy of being in this group to achieve my best, being a mother. Gratitude to the whole team and the moms, who with love we exchange help “.

Simone Kunrath, participant in the Gestar Bem Program: “Participating in the Gestar Bem group at Unimed is very important in this new phase that I am experiencing, initially as a pregnant woman and now as a mother. Through it we receive guidance from a team of professionals who are concerned about our well-being and that of the baby. They clarify our doubts about the most varied subjects involving pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care, nutrition, psychological aspects, among others, through whats, videos and informative materials. In addition to enabling contact and exchange of experiences among mothers participating in the group. All this follow-up is surrounded by a lot of affection and professionalism, which gives us greater security in many moments of everyday life”.


The “Gestar Bem Program”, a support group open to pregnant women benefiting from Unimed, with monitoring by a multidisciplinary team, with health professionals trained to help in this process of change. Registration for the online course can be done via WhatsApp 98467-7956 or phones 3416-3531 and 3416-3576, or click here to register. Spaces are limited.

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