7 simple ways to relax throughout the day

7 simple ways to relax throughout the day
7 simple ways to relax throughout the day

Stress Relief Day

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Despite being the body’s natural defense, being frequently stressed can have physical, energetic, psychological and emotional consequences. In this World Stress Daycelebrated annually on September 23, we share simple ways to relax throughout the day

After all, prevention and control are keywords when it comes to stress, so that the consequences for the body and mind do not get worse. Understand here 6 problems that stress causes to health.

Don’t wait for life to calm down or things to resolve on their own to be okay. There are simple activities you can include in your routine that can prevent the damage of stress in your life. enjoy it World Stress Day to begin.

7 simple ways to relax throughout the day

1. 1 minute breathing exercise

The simple exercise of breathing in and out slowly and deeply has the enormous power to oxygenate the mind and calm the heart. By including conscious breathing in your daily life, according to the therapist Andrea Leandro, you create a greater perception of what can be modified and improved in your routine, making it your ally. Try including this 1-minute breath in your day:


2. Pilates to relax

According to the physical therapist Roberta Struzani, the practice of Pilates, because it needs to be done in a calm and concentrated way, helps to inhibit stress and can be done at home. If possible, take a few minutes out of your day to do the simple exercise on the go:

  • With your back straight, inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, directing your breath to the back of your ribs. Then release the air through your mouth
  • Inhale deeply and then release the air, performing the movement at the same time as you exhale. Try to flatten your belly by pulling your belly button towards your spine and curving it up.
  • Now the movement will be reversed. Inhale deeply and slowly. As you exhale, force your belly down and lift your glutes.

3. Chromotherapy to soothe

Using the right colors in everyday life can reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed. According to holistic therapist Solange Limathe two most suitable colors to calm down are the green and blue. They can be used in clothing and accessories, in the color of the bedroom walls or in blue lamps in the lamp to make your nights more relaxed. How about changing the colors on this Anti-Stress Day?

4. Essential oils to reduce stress

You lavender essential oils, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot help combat mental stress and are good choices for those who need to calm down. According to Solange Lima, just drip two drops of the chosen oil daily. Another option is to dilute five drops of the oils in a little water in the electric diffuser. Always try to make combinations with the essences of Lavender and Orange, or Tangerine and Bergamot.

5. Meditation to manage stress

Meditation – or simply trying to be more mindful of thoughts – can provide us with many benefits when it comes to stress. The practice gradually promotes in our mind a well-being that ends up extending to the central nervous system and, consequently, to the body as a whole. Experience guided meditation from Regina Restelli:


6. Just 1 minute of silence

the therapist Marcelo Anselmo suggests taking a 1-minute break a day to connect with inner silence. It may seem like very little, but for some people this 60 seconds seems endless. Start with one minute, progress to two as you feel comfortable, and so on. Silence reduces the muscle tension that stress generates in the body, eliminates the “dirt” that inputs spread in your mind and saves vital energy to move more and better.


7. Florals to fight stress

Each flower essence works in a different state, raising the vibration and nourishing the system with the virtues necessary to restore balance. The way of use is very simple: 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day, but it is also possible to use it together with water and even topical use, in sprays or creams. Consult here with a flower therapist to understand the perfect match for you.

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