What is mantra? Learn about meditation terms

What is mantra? Learn about meditation terms
What is mantra? Learn about meditation terms

The universe of meditation is very rich, with history, technique and culture dense enough to yield several years of study, not to mention the various curiosities capable of attracting non-practitioners who enjoy this mystical side.

Despite the numerous terms, meditation is not complex and can be performed by everyone.

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Despite its apparent complexity, even because of its various formats, meditation exists as a wellness tool available to everyone: children, adults, beginners or advanced. Although the practice does not belong to specific groups, it is common to have doubts about applied techniques, words or expressions of this true art. Know 6 terms or expressions present in meditation.


One of the most famous expressions in the world, it is usually accompanied by a gesture in which the hands are joined at chest height. It is termed añjali mudrā.

Namaste brings the idea of ​​“the divine within me reveres the divine within you”, but without the sense of adoration, much more linked to admiration. Learn more here.


It is common practitioners to perform breathing exercises, controlling intensity and regulating the entire inhalation and exhalation. These breathing techniques are pranayamas.


Briefly, mudras are the gestures performed with the fingers, and an example is the jñána mudrá, perhaps the best known among all those who have had some contact with meditation: in it, the tips of the thumb and forefinger come together. It is important to remember that there are other mudras and each one has a different purpose, not limited to the gesture itself, there is meaning and reason for its execution.


Meditation exists in religions, but does not belong to them, yet it is present in different contexts, since it is applied in characteristic ways by different groups, something that makes it extremely versatile and plural. While the practice presents itself as a wellness tool for some, relieving stress and anxiety, for others it goes further. Chakra is a Sanskrit term whose meaning is “wheel” and, in all, there are 7 of them in the body, considered energy centers.


Before starting a meditation, it is necessary to prepare the body so that it is not an element of discomfort. Asana is posture, that is, there are several asanas (postures) that can be chosen to practice, however, it is essential to choose the right place and position to ensure the best meditative experience and comfort, maintaining concentration and balance at all times.


Mantras are chanted during a meditation to support this activity. There are several mantras, long or shorter, and a great example is “Om”, very widespread and known even by those who have never meditated. The general concept of mantra is an instrument of thought, aiding concentration.

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