Government determines the recall of another brand

Government determines the recall of another brand
Government determines the recall of another brand

posted on 9/22/2022 11:14 PM / updated on 9/22/2022 11:14 PM

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) determined the recall of another product for animals after cases of intoxication of dogs on suspicion of eating contaminated snacks. At least 54 suspicious deaths are investigated across the country. The federal folder ordered to remove from the market all specific foods (beef, snacks, snacks) and chewable products from all lines intended for canines of the Petitos Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos brand manufactured between January and September this year.

As a result, there are now five companies that have been ordered by the Ministry of Agriculture to recall their products after detecting the use of two batches of propylene glycol contaminated with monoethylene glycol (AD5035C22 and AD4055C21), supplied by the company Tecnoclean.

In addition to Petitos, Bassar Indústria e Comércio Ltda was the first company to have the collection of products determined by the ministry. Last week, AA FVO Alimentos Ltda, Peppy Pet Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos for Animals and Upper Dog Comercial Ltda also joined the list.

“The investigations, which are still in progress, indicate that these animal feed products were destined only for the domestic market. For all batches of suspect foods, withdrawal was determined and all the companies involved have already been inspected. The companies were interdicted”, he informed. the ministry’s statement.

The ministry had also previously ordered companies registered with the ministry to immediately suspend the use in their production lines of these two batches of propylene glycol raw material related to monoethylene glycol contamination.

Also known as ethylene glycol, this toxic product is commonly used for refrigeration and is found in batteries, car engines, and freezers or refrigerators. Propylene glycol is an input used by the industrial sector in the manufacture of food for humans and animals. Use is permitted as long as it is purchased from registered companies.

“To date, there is no directive from the Ministry to suspend the use of products that contain propylene glycol in their formulation, in addition to those already mentioned,” the ministry previously reported.

Based in Pirassununga, in the interior of São Paulo, Petitos Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos says that, like other manufacturers, it received a precautionary notification from the ministry determining the withdrawal from the consumer market of all food and chewable products intended for canines. The company also had Tecnoclean as one of its suppliers.

Before the determination, soon after the beginning of the inspection by the ministry, preventively, the company started to remove the products from the points of sale. Petitos also emphasizes the quality of its products and that all these procedures are carried out in accordance with the determinations of the ministry. For clarifications, complaints or suggestions, the consumer can contact us by e-mail [email protected]

In a note, Petz highlighted “deep consternation and total acceptance of tutors who were somehow victims of this serious incident of contamination of snacks that affected the production chain” of the pet sector.

“The company emphasizes that it adopts strict quality control processes with suppliers and highlights that, even before conclusive expert reports, it voluntarily removed all investigated products from the network of stores across the country”, he said.

According to the network, a teleorientation channel with specialized veterinarians was created to guide tutors who purchased products under suspicion about the health protocols to be followed. Also according to Petz, own-brand products Petz Stick and Petz Strip are manufactured by Petitos and have already been removed from stores even before the ministry’s determination.

See the updated list of government-mandated recall products:

From Petitos Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos, all specific foods (steak, snacks, snacks) and chewable products from all lines intended for brand canines manufactured between January and September of this year must be collected from the consumer market, throughout the national territory. .

– From FVO Alimentos Ltda, the Bifinho Bomguytos products must be collected in the flavors chicken 65g (lot 103-01) and barbecue (lots 221-01, 228-01, 234-01 and 248-01); Bifinho Qualitá barbecue flavor (lot 237-01) and Dudogs (lots 237-01 and 242-01).

In addition to the lots cited by the government, FVO Alimentos Ltda said it had withdrawn other products from the market. “FVO Alimentos informs that, in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, it had already collected from the market, in a preventive and proactive way, all batches of Dudogs, Pâté Bomguy and Bomguytos Bifinho (in Churrasco and Frango & Vegetables)”, added the company located in Brasília. Consumers who have any questions can contact [email protected] and 0800 0612105.

– From Peppy Pet Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos for Animals must be collected the products Bifinho 60g Peppy Dog grilled chicken (lots 5026 and 5738); Chopstick 50g Peppy Dog meat with sweet potato (lots 5280, 5283, 5758 and 5759); Little stick 50g Peppy Dog chicken with peas (lots 5282 and 5746); Steak 500g Peppy Dog Roast Beef (lots 5274 and 5734); Steak 60g Peppy Dog puppies – milk and oatmeal (lot 5736); Chopstick 50g Peppy Dog meat with carrot (lot 5760).

– From the company Upper Dog Comercial Ltda are the injected Dogfy products size PP (lots 0003/202204, 0004/202206, 0006/202206, 0008/202206, 0009/202201, 0010/202206, 0012/202201, 0012/202206, 0012/200206, 0012/202206, 202203, 0014/202206, 0015/202205, 0016/202205, 0017/202205, 0018/202206, 0023/202201, 0023/202206, 0024/202207, 0027/202205, 0025/202207, 002206) ; Dogfy Injected size P (lots 0001/202201 A 0008/202201, 0013/202201 A 0017/202201, 0024/202201, 0007/202202, 0010/202202 to 0018/202202, 0001/202203 to 0009/202203, 0001/202204 A 001/202205 to 0028/202205, 0001/202206 to 0009/202206, 0011/202206, 0013/202206, 0015/202206, 0017/202206, 0019/202206 to 0025/202206, 0030/202206 to 0033/ 202206, 0009/202207 to 0011/202207, 0016/202207, 0019/202207, 0020/202207, 0026/202207 to 0030/202207, 0012/202208 to 0021/202208); and Dogfy Injected Size M (lots 0010/202201, 0011/202201, 0018/202201 A 0022/202201, 0001/202202 to 0009/202202, 0019/202202 to 0023/202202, 0010/202203 to 0012/202203, 0014/202203 , 0004/202204, 0005/202204, 0012/202205 to 0014/202205, 0002/202206, 0027/202206 to 0029/202206, 0021/202207 and 0022/202207).

– Bassar Pet Food also continues to collect all products manufactured from February 7, 2022. This, according to the company, comprises all batches of product, own brand or Bassar brand, with number starting from batch 3329 .Consumers who must return the items to the store, which must refund the amount spent. In case of doubts about the recall or about the products, consumers can contact the SAC by e-mail [email protected]

As a precaution, the company said that it is recalling all items produced from the date mentioned above and not just those that used the propylene glycol supplied by Tecnoclean, which would be contaminated. In addition, in a note, Bassar announced at the beginning of September that it had interrupted production at its factory in Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo, until suspicions of contamination are fully clarified.

Previously, on September 2, the ministry had already informed that the snacks from Bassar Pet Food identified with suspected contamination were Every Day liver flavor (lot 3554) and Dental Care (lot 3467). The Petz Group also said at the time that it had removed the snack Snack Care Oral Breath Fresh from the points of sale, manufactured by Bassar Pet Food and bearing the Petz name on the packaging, as well as other Bassar products that were sold in stores.

In its defense, Tecnoclean Industrial Ltda informed that it acquired the propylene glycol substance from an importer and resold it.

Sought by the report, Peppy Pet Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos for Animals and Upper Dog Comercial Ltda have not commented so far. On the Peppy Pet website, there is the customer service phone number (14) 3523-8706, on the Upper Dog online page it is the number (99) 3536-1418. Both give out of area or busy.

“Tecnoclean Industrial Ltd claims that it does not manufacture propylene glycol, having purchased it from the company A&D Química Comércio Eireli and resold it to the national market as a distributor,” he said in a statement. When contacted, A&D Química Comércio Eireli still did not respond until the report was published.

In a statement, the Brazilian Association of Industry and Commerce of Food Ingredients and Additives (Abiam) stated that all its members have already been informed of the recommendation. In turn, the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Products for Pets (Abinpet) said that it is helping the government to publicize the origin of the cross-contamination indicated, preliminarily, as responsible for the hospitalization and death of dogs.

investigated cases

Investigations involving the death of dogs on suspicion of intoxication after the consumption of snacks have continued since the end of August, when the first cases related to intoxication and death of dogs began to emerge. In addition to Minas and São Paulo, the Federal District, Rio, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Alagoas, Sergipe and Goiás have case reports. At least 54 suspicious deaths were recorded across the country, according to the Minas Gerais Civil Police, in addition to hospitalizations with kidney failure. In Minas alone, there were 18 hospitalized animals, according to the last update.

In a note, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais reported this Thursday, 22, that information from the ongoing investigation will be released in due course, with the progress of the work, as well as the conclusion of the police investigation.

In São Paulo, the Civil Police says that it has registered, so far, eleven cases of intoxicated dogs after having ingested snacks in the capital of São Paulo and in the municipalities of Guarulhos, Santos and Bragança Paulista.

Tutors must remain alert to symptoms

Among the main symptoms identified in the reports of dog owners are convulsion, vomiting, diarrhea and prostration. If necessary, the tutor should seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible, in addition to registering the occurrence at the nearest police station.

It is important to bring the snacks that the pet ate. So far, all the dogs that have been sick are of small size, among them, German sptiz, shih tzu and Yorkshire.

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