Child and youth kidnapper has worsening health status: ‘intubated’

The health condition of Leandro Mendes, 39, is serious. He held a child, aged 7, and a young man, aged 23, hostage in the Parque São Pedro neighborhood, in the northern region of Belo Horizonte. The kidnapper was hit by the sniper shot between the eye and the nose and is hospitalized at the João XXIII Emergency Hospital.

a source of THE TIME informed, on condition of anonymity, that his health deteriorated throughout the day and that he needed to be intubated. “You have a nosebleed. They entered with sedation. It’s serious. It has evolution of the social worker,” he said. Before the clinical worsening, Mendes was not at risk of death, even though he was shot in the face.

The medical team, during the day, applied a medication called noradrenaline, whose objective is to “keep the body alive”, as informed by the source. Mendes was shot after he refused to continue negotiations to free his stepson and young man. He would have been irritated after he had access to the messages on his ex-partner’s cell phone. The man did not accept the end of the relationship.

During the negotiations, he even threatened to kill the child. He would have said this to the negotiator of the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) and also in audio messages sent to family members. In one of the messages, he said he would only leave the place dead.

‘Quiet and hardworking’

The kidnapper’s neighbors were surprised to learn that Mendes had committed the crime. The man was seen as a quiet and hardworking person. Despite this, he had already committed a femicide and even served time for the crime.

From Wednesday (21) to Thursday (22), Mendes kept a 7-year-old and a 23-year-old in private prison for not accepting the end of the relationship with the child’s mother who was a friend of the kidnapped young man. The man wanted to catch the ex who lives in the house, but she managed to escape and he took the other two victims hostage.

According to a neighbor, Mendes came home from work and went to listen to his songs. He also played guitar and drums at the evangelical church he attended and didn’t cause trouble in the neighborhood. He also lived in Parque São Pedro, in the same neighborhood where he committed the kidnapping.

Negotiations to release the hostages lasted 15 hours and as they were not progressing, a BOPE sniper shot the criminal.

With Natalia Oliveira

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