Uganda confirms seven cases and one death from Ebola | World

Uganda confirms seven cases and one death from Ebola | World
Uganda confirms seven cases and one death from Ebola | World

Uganda has confirmed seven cases of Ebola, one in a man who died this week, and seven other deaths are being investigated as suspected cases of a strain for which there is no vaccine, officials said on Thursday.

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The 24-year-old man who died had a high fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain, and was vomiting blood. After initially being treated for malaria, he was diagnosed with the Sudanese strain of the Ebola virus.

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“To date, we have seven confirmed cases, of which we have one confirmed death,” Kyobe Henry Bbosa, Ebola incident commander at Uganda’s Ministry of Health, said in a statement.

“But we also have seven probable cases that died before the outbreak was confirmed.”

Bbosa said his investigations had not yet identified the index case, or “patient zero”, but said the outbreak appeared to have started in early September “when people started dying” in a small village in the region’s Mubende district. central Uganda.

Uganda last reported an outbreak of the Ebola strain from Sudan in 2012.

The strain is less transmissible than Zaire’s Ebola, Patrick Otim, a health emergency officer at the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa, said in the statement, adding that there had been a lower fatality rate in previous outbreaks.

However, Otim said the Sudan strain poses a greater threat because the world does not yet have a vaccine for it, as it does for the Zaire strain.

In 2019, Uganda suffered an Ebola outbreak from Zaire. The virus was imported from neighboring Congo, which was battling a major epidemic in its northeast region.

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