Frequent sex can help eliminate kidney stones; understand

A study by doctors in Indonesia claims that having sex or masturbating three or four times a week helps to eliminate kidney stones naturally.

In the study, which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, doctors noticed that contraction and relaxation of the bladder neck — which happens during orgasm and ejaculation — facilitates the elimination of kidney stones.

Credit: PeopleImages/istockDoctor urologists recommend sex 3 times a week to eliminate kidney stone

This is because as the muscles relax, urine is stimulated to pass through the urethra along with the kidney stones.

For this study, urologists at Universitas Airlangga in Surabaya reviewed five studies on the topic. They included 406 participants who were instructed to have sex or masturbate three or four times a week or abstain from any activity.

Afterwards, the team examined how sexual acts affected and how many kidney stones were passed in each group and how long it took.

Credit: Choicegraphx/istockStudy evaluated the amount of stones eliminated by volunteers from different groups

The results showed that the stone expulsion rate was 5.7 times higher in the sexual activity group.

And stones were also expelled more quickly among those who had sex or masturbated.

The number of people who needed pain medication due to kidney stones was 62% lower in the sexual activity group.

kidney stones

People who don’t drink enough fluids, take certain medications, or have an underlying condition are at risk for waste to form in the kidneys, called stones.

Symptoms include pain in the side of the belly, intense pain that comes and goes, and feeling sick or vomiting.

Once a kidney stone forms, it usually moves into the bladder on its own within weeks, allowing it to pass through the urine.

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