Alternative therapies have become a trend during the pandemic

Alternative therapies have become a trend during the pandemic
Alternative therapies have become a trend during the pandemic

The demand for alternative therapies to medicines and treatments of traditional medicine grew throughout the world during the pandemic, and it is a fact that this reality is occurring in Brazil. According to the Ministry of Health, the country leads the supply of integrative modalities in public health, with 5 million users in almost 10 thousand establishments in 3,173 municipalities.

The folder understands the practices as investments in health prevention, so that people do not get sick. With this, it avoids the aggravation of their problems, which usually lead them to hospitalization and surgical procedures, generates expenses for the system and taking away the quality of life of the citizen.

The World Health Organization encourages the use of PICS. In SUS, the National Policy of Integrative and Complementary Practices in Health was instituted in 2006, to improve the quality of care for the population. Currently, there are 29 practices offered.

Research “PICCovid – Use of Integrative and Complementary Practices in the Context of Covid-19”, reveals that 61.7% of the Brazilian population sought alternative therapies during the Covid-19 health crisis. During the pandemic, the National Health Council recommended the adoption of PICs as a treatment for the coronavirus.

Many different areas make up the practice of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which includes the more conventional and accepted forms of therapy such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and oriental practices that have been carried out for centuries around the world.

In this context, touch has been a protagonist in several areas of medicine. Touch healing is based on the idea that illness or injury to one area of ​​the body can affect all parts of the body.

If, through manipulation, the other parts of the body can be brought back to optimal health, the organism will be able to fully focus on local healing of the injury or disease. Techniques of the body are often combined with those of the mind, including the pursuit of physical and emotional well-being for the treatment of chronic illness, depression and insomnia.

Among the therapies that appeal to people are chiropractic and osteopathic medicine, massage, body movement therapies, tai chi and yoga.

Other approaches are dietary and herbal, which attempt to balance the nutritional well-being of the body. Dietary and plant-based approaches can include supplements, nutrition and diet. The use of these substances aims to balance nutritional excess or deficiency, currently considered problems in today’s society, both leading to certain chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

According to the Federal Nursing Council (Coren), PICS have benefits in the treatment of various diseases. In the country, private health professionals and SUS units recognize and recommend such therapies in cases of physical, emotional and mental pain.

Women have used therapies a lot, especially during pregnancy, from prenatal care to childbirth and the puerperium.

Massages make a difference

To begin with, each massage is individually tailored to the patient, according to their needs. In this process, holistic massage works on a physical level, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body.

At the same time, it works to eliminate toxins, release muscle tension and strengthen the immune system. Relaxing massage calms the mind and reduces the physical and emotional stress that the body accumulates on a daily basis.

Holistic massage provides practitioners with several benefits, such as reducing general stress and anxiety; increase energy levels; relieve muscle tension and stiffness; increase mobility and flexibility; stimulate better circulation; improve skin elasticity; strengthen the immune system; promote general relaxation; improve sleep pattern; decrease physical and mental fatigue; help reduce high blood pressure.

There are several massages that cater to a number of people’s needs, such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stones, Sports.

Ayurveda. Of Indian origin, this knowledge adds in itself principles related to the health of the physical body, in order not to disconnect them and considering the energetic, mental and spiritual fields. Its use is aimed at preventing and curing diseases. In Ayurveda, the human body is composed of five elements – ether, air, fire, water and earth – which make up the organism, the energetic and emotional states and, in imbalance, can induce the emergence of diseases.

The treatments consider the uniqueness of each person, and use relaxation techniques, massages, medicinal plants, minerals, body postures, breathing techniques, positions and exercises and dietary care.

chiropractic. It works in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical dysfunctions of the neurological, muscular and skeletal systems and their effects on normal nervous system function and general health. It emphasizes manual treatment, such as soft tissue therapy and joint manipulation or “adjustment”, which leads to adjustments in the spine and other parts of the body, favoring the correction of postural problems and the relief of pain.

Reflexotherapy. It uses stimuli in reflex areas existing in the feet, hands and ears, with the aim of assisting in the elimination of toxins, in the sedation of pain and in relaxation. The application of this therapy allows, especially on the feet or hands, when massaged, the reactivation of homeostasis and balance in regions with some type of blockage.

Shantala. This massage for babies and children is performed by the parents, and consists of a series of movements that favor the bond between them. They provide benefits resulting from limb stretching and circulation activation. As benefits, it promotes integral health; harmonizes and balances the immune, respiratory, digestive, circulatory and lymphatic systems; stimulates joints and muscles; helps motor development, among other processes.

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