Pantanal: Bruno Luperi changes the outcome of the plot after Irandhir Santos convinces the author: “It would be the shot”


After a conversation between the author of the adapted version and the actor, the outcome between the leôncios may be different

Per Ysac Freitas

09/04/2022 – 17:20hs BRT

09/04/2022 – 17:20hs BRT

Photo 1: Reproduction/TV Globo - Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Irandhir Santos
Photo 1: Reproduction/TV Globo – Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Irandhir Santos

Bruno Luperi, grandson of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, chose to change the ending of the new version of the remake of Pantanal, a work that was written by his grandfather in 1990. Bruno throughout the plot followed exactly what was written in the first version, however, he was convinced by actor Irandhir Santos, the “Zé Lucas of nothing”to change the plot after having a conversation with the artist.

In an interview with columnist Patricia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo, the writer revealed that he chose to leave out an iconic scene from the serial. “I took [salva de tiros]that is no longer in the text, but in the first version”said the writer indicating that the end of the plot between the lions may surprise the public.

“The last time I went to Rio, Irandhir told me about an idea they had behind the scenes. He said, ‘Within everything they’ve lived [os leôncio], I wanted to do like this. What do you think? I think that would be the type of this version.”said Bruno Luperi, who shares opinions on the web about the new adapted version.

Upon hearing the actor’s idea, Bruno did not think twice and changed the outcome of the soap opera. “I said: ‘this is it. I hadn’t thought about it, but now it is and will be. This is the shot that our Pantanal will take.’ When something comes from them, I try to look as carefully as possible and profit with an open heart.”finished.

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