Larissa Manoela refuses to interact with Jade Picon, ‘creeps out’ and causes a climate, says newspaper: “With whom?”


Situation would have happened backstage at Rock in Rio

Per Ana Lima

04/09/2022 – 12:03 pm BRT

04/09/2022 – 12:03 pm BRT

Larissa Manoela refuses to interact with Jade Picon, 'leaves' and causes a climate
© Image 1 – Reproduction: Instagram/Larissa Manoela | Image 2 – Reproduction: Instagram/Jade PiconLarissa Manoela refuses to interact with Jade Picon, ‘leaves’ and causes a climate

O Rock in Rio started this weekend and was attended by numerous celebrities, including Larissa Manoela and the former participant of the “Big Brother Brazil”, Jade Picon. However, it seems that the meeting of the famous did not have a very good atmosphere.

According to the newspaper “Extra”, a group of celebrities, including Gabriel Medina, shared the VIP area of ​​the event. Larissa was already present at the place giving interviews with her boyfriend, André Luiz Frambach when Jade arrived in space, accompanied by her manager.

The photographers then asked Larisse to take a picture with the new actress, who was posing in another area. Looking confused, the young woman asked the professional: “With whom?”. The questioning was asked a few more times until the redhead could understand who it was.

However, the idea did not seem the best, since as soon as he understood, Larissa would have turned her back on the paparazzi and ‘slipped away’ from the place, leaving them confused about the reason for the refusal. It is worth remembering that both celebrities had a relationship in the past with the actor and son of Leonardo, João Guilherme.

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