Wanessa is uncomfortable and runs away from Mion’s question: “After”

Wanessa is uncomfortable and runs away from Mion’s question: “After”
Wanessa is uncomfortable and runs away from Mion’s question: “After”

Wanessa Camargo performs at the Caldeirão with Mion and evades the presenter’s question

Vanessa Camargo felt uncomfortable being asked about her personal life by Marcos Mion during this Saturday’s Cauldron (03). Although the singer’s romance with Dado Dolabella was not mentioned, the presenter wanted to know if she is in a happy moment.

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“You have a glow, you are shining, you have a smile that does not leave your face”, fired the Globo presenter. “I am very happy,” she said.

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Marcos Mion then tried to get some personal information from Wanessa, but she didn’t want to go into details and soon changed the subject. “You know people have been following your life for a long time. So I’ll just ask you one question: are you happy?”, asked the presenter.

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“I’m happy, I’m doing very well”, declared Zezé di Camargo’s daughter. “He made a mystery out of the question, didn’t he?”, Lucio Mauro Filho snapped in good humor.

“Then we talk in the dressing room [risos]. I’m very happy, very good. This is what I seek for my life today. I want to release a lot of things this year”, misled Wanessa.

Dado Dolabella also tries to evade the subject

It’s not just Wanessa who evades the subject. Recently, when questioned by reporter Fofoquito, from Fofocalizando, the former heartthrob of Globo soap operas tried to deflect.

“Every time I talk about something in life, I talk about love. And I know you’re in a very good phase, which is love. And who doesn’t like this phase? Because loving is very good. And you are very happy, right?”, the journalist asked Dado Dolabella.

A short time later, the SBT contractor soon amended: “And how long have you been dating Wanessa?”, asked Fofoquito. “What is this?” said Dado Dolabella, trying to change the subject. “I love you, I like it, it’s no use. May you be very happy”, said the journalist. “Amen, all of us,” he replied.

Dado Dolabella and Wanessa (Photo: Reproduction)

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