Pantanal actress denounced backstage with surprising report

Actress gave life to Juma Marruá in the first version of Pantanal in 1990

The actress Cristiana Oliveirawho lived the first Juma in the soap opera wetland, has not acted in soap operas since 2019, but she remains high on TV and in the media in general. Her name is back in evidence mainly because of the current remake of the novel, exactly 32 years after the original version was produced. Currently who gives life to the character Juma is the actress Alanis Guillen.

Another factor that highlighted the actress in recent years was her presence in the soap opera O Clone, which was in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo this year. In the soap opera shown between 2001 and 2002, the actress played the villain Alicinha. Another role that has undoubtedly been very expressive in his career so far.

Cristiana Oliveira at the time she played Juma in ‘Pantanal’ (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)


In a statement made to the Papagaio Falante podcast, the actress was asked about the kissing scenes in soap operas. According to the actress, she only makes technical kisses in her work, however, the famous surprised and ended up delivering a quirk of a colleague of hers.

“I only kiss technician! The only person who kissed me almost forcefully, so to speak, was Victor Fasano. He put the linguão”, said Cristiana Oliveira. She still went on to explain the way the actor acted. “It was his way of trying to make the scene come true. But I, at the time, was married to Fabio Assunção, who understood. He’s a very nice person,” said the actress.

The actor and Cristiana Oliveira starred together in the soap opera De Corpo e Alma, shown by Globo between 1992 and 1993. They played the couple Juca and Paloma Bianchi. The soap opera, it is worth saying, marked the debut of the actress on Globo. The actors even worked together on Salsa e Merengue in 1996.

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Cristiana Oliveira recalled the time she made a soap opera with Victor Fasano (Photo: Reproduction)
Cristiana Oliveira recalled the time she made a soap opera with Victor Fasano (Photo: Reproduction)

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