Viewers defend Lourinho after weather on the show

Viewers defend Lourinho after weather on the show
Viewers defend Lourinho after weather on the show

This morning, some fans of “Mais Você” (TV Globo) defended Lourinho after noticing a “climate” during the live program. The attraction’s mascot asked for a change of cameras. Shortly after, he and Ana Maria Braga commented, on the air, that the production “pinned” the puppet’s suggestion.

As the presenter prepared a recipe for chicken thighs, the camera showed the side of the pan. That’s when Lourinho intervened:

“Put the camera up, guys, I want to see it,” he said.

The images of the inside of the pot started to be shown and Ana Maria thanked the change. Then she asked the parrot a question, which he did not answer.

“Louro José? Hi, Louro. What happened?”, she asked about the puppet’s silence. Lourinho then told him what he was hearing.

The people up there said that I’m stuck up because I asked for the upstairs camera. I wanted to see, from here I was not seeing. blondie

“He’s the new program director now, they’re saying here”, laughed Ana Maria.

“Oh, don’t talk like that, man,” protested the parrot, addressing someone from the production.

The presenter said that Lourinho could not eat the dish prepared by her: “You can rest assured that he will not eat. He will drive from there and whoever is there [na direção] do not eat. Have you noticed?” she stated.

Despite the situation being handled in a relaxed way by the mascot and the presenter, the alleged “pull of the ear” in Lourinho did not go unnoticed on social networks.

Viewers who followed the program defended the suggestion given by the puppet and said that they also wanted to see the inside of the pot at that moment.

“What a drag. The guy just said to see the top pan. I don’t know why they put this character to stay in these unnecessary kicks”, commented an internet user.

“Poor Louro Mané, he ran out of chicken because he gave the camera a hunch. But we really wanted to see it,” said another.

“Director, stop fighting with Louro about the camera. I wanted to see it too!”, protested a female viewer.

“It’s good that Louro Mané asked to show the pot on the top camera, because he was watching Ana Maria Braga on ‘Mais Você’ and the camera was filming the pot outside”, praised a fan.

Other viewers were uncomfortable with the scene.

“Lourinho experiences veiled rejections in ‘Mais Você’. The ‘guy’ asks the camera to see the pot and they ‘joke’ that he’s involved, ahem. Some people say what they think ‘joking’. Man, it had to be a parrot. Replacing Louro José is impossible”, commented a fan.

“I can imagine the beef going on now. Blonde suffering in the team’s nail. They should be grateful for him helping”, said another.

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