What is Silvio Santos’ mansion like, where he has rarely left

The faithful colleagues in the auditorium are missing Silvio Santos. He hasn’t taped his Sunday show since late June.

Leaving work was motivated by hoarseness and rhinitis. The unmistakable voice of the presenter suffers from the low humidity of winter.

In the studios, the air conditioning makes the environment very cold to prevent the hundreds of lights on the ceiling from overheating.

The idol has been doing exercises with a speech therapist to strengthen his vocal capacity and be able to return to TV.

Silvio fulfills this period of forced vacation in his mansion in Morumbi, an upscale neighborhood in the south of São Paulo.

The colonial-style property with 2,000 square meters has a swimming pool, sauna and gym, where the artist uses a treadmill almost daily.

Valued at R$15 million, the house offers comfort, but without the ostentation that so many millionaires like to show off.

The presenter and his wife, novelist Iris Abravanel, dispense with luxury and prefer a reasonably simple lifestyle compared to the couple’s assets.

Casa de Silvio Santos is comfortable, but without the excessive luxury of rich exhibitionists

Photo: reproduction

In December 2020, when President Jair Bolsonaro visited Silvio, some revealing photos of the interior of the mansion were released.

One of the rooms is classically decorated, with white fabric sofas and armchairs, French-style furniture, vintage lamps, Italian wall mirrors, sculptures of female figures and an oriental rug.

It is known that there is a special room in the mansion, where the presenter keeps some objects received from his admirers, such as dolls. He always valued the affection of the fans.

Morumbi’s mansion became a character in the press on August 30, 2001, when the presenter was held hostage there by one of the kidnappers of his daughter, Patrícia Abravanel. He was eventually released after almost 8 hours of negotiation between the police and the criminal.

The family tries to convince Silvio Santos to move to another house, in Alphaville, a gated community in Greater São Paulo. There, he would have more security and privacy. Averse to changes, the artist prefers to continue living where he is.

Silvio received Bolsonaro and his entourage in one of the rooms of the Morumbi mansion

Photo: Disclosure

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