Armie Hammer’s Aunt Speaks Out About Cannibalism And Rape Accusations, Reveals Family Horror History

Armie Hammer’s Aunt Speaks Out About Cannibalism And Rape Accusations, Reveals Family Horror History
Armie Hammer’s Aunt Speaks Out About Cannibalism And Rape Accusations, Reveals Family Horror History

Last year, Armie Hammer was accused of cannibalism and rape by a series of ex-partners. Since then, much has been said about the dark background of the actor’s family. In an interview with UOL Universa, published today (31), Casey Hammer, the star’s aunt, spoke about the allegations, as well as the abuse she suffered in childhood, which will be explored in the documentary series “House of Hammer: Family Secrets”, about to debuting on Discovery+.

The production, on which Casey worked as a consultant, reveals that all the men in the Hammer family would have a disturbing past of violence. In three episodes, the series recalls the complaints against the “Call Me By Your Name” star, which erupted after a statement by Effie, who maintained a relationship with the actor for four years. The woman reported that she was violently raped by him for four straight hours while Hammer slammed her head into the wall, leaving her covered in bruises.

no surprises

Armie’s aunt told the outlet that she was not surprised when allegations of cannibalism, sexually explicit content, violent attitudes and disturbing sexual fantasies, including requests to drink their partners’ blood, were exposed about her nephew. “My mom died 14 years ago, and up until that point, she was trying to keep us together, like a dysfunctional family. When she died, we went our separate ways. I have no relationship with Armie. [No entanto] I wasn’t shocked when I started seeing him in the media for bad behavior. I’m not too shocked because of my personal experiences and the way I grew up in my family. There were generations of abusive men.” lamented.

Casey pointed out that Armie’s exposure motivated her to seek justice for what she and others suffered at the hands of her family members. “For me, once it became public, we had to hold the culprits accountable and put a stop to it. We’ve reached the limit. I’ve been saying this for 61 years, that I see the behavior in my family. It’s time to stop.” declared.

While relieved to see the truth come out, Hammer was frustrated by the way the case had repercussions in the press. “Even when victims started talking, the media and headlines were focused on Armie’s career, but they should have been focused on victims. They are the ones who have to live with what happened, with the scars of sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse. They went through mind control and manipulation. They were strong, powerful women who, by talking about what they went through on the show, help show other victims that they are not alone.” pinned the aunt.

The disappointment was the driving force for getting involved in the documentary series, which exposes the victims’ conversations with Hammer, in which he admits to being “100% cannibal” and claims to want to “barbecue” with the rib of one of his affairs. The episodes also feature terrifying testimonials from two of Armie’s ex-girlfriends: Courtney Vuckovich, founder of a beauty app Flashd, and artist Julia Morrison.

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Abuse at the hands of the father

For the interior designer, the reports of her nephew’s victims operated as a trigger, as they reminded her of all the abuse she suffered as a child. Casey specifically recalled an episode where she found photos of her father’s sex acts with other women when she was a child. “I’m sure it’s hard to see what’s shown in the show for anyone. (…) I watched it and, even knowing what I experienced in my family, as an adult, I review it and feel the triggers and traumas. I can’t believe when I was a kid I would let my dad shoot a phone book while I was holding it.” lamented. “Growing up, we were surprised at how much we insist on a toxic relationship because we’re looking for someone’s love to validate our existence. Is very sad. I’m here to tell my story and so victims don’t feel alone.”said the designer.

According to Casey, she was raped by her father, Julian Hammer. Other family members were also allegedly abused by him. “I say this in the book I wrote, “Surviving My Birthright” (in literal translation, “Surviving my Family Law”). It’s still very difficult to talk about it and it’s something I look for help to deal with. You see in the series when we talk about rape scenes. The situation becomes so real that it clicks and you realize that, yes, it is real life. The smallest things end up becoming triggers. It showed me that I needed help or I couldn’t stand being in this world any longer. I chose to seek support”he confessed.

Thirsty for justice, Casey reinforced that movements like “Me Too” [protesto contra o assédio sexual e a agressão sexual em Hollywood] should go beyond movie sets. “Abusers try to isolate you and manipulate you so that you feel like everything is your fault and that you have no power. It is time to hold rich and powerful men accountable for this.”she pointed out. “When the Me Too movement came about, it was focused on the work environment, but we need one of these for family environments. Abusers need to be held accountable. Your parents give birth and say they love you, but that doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want with your life. You have the right to choose and to say no, to put an end to it and ask for dignity and respect.”he concluded.

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