Sthe Matos reveals how much she earns as an influencer and gives tips

Sthe Matos and Kevi Jonny are having an affair and the digital influencer was in the recording of the singer’s DVD on Tuesday night (30/08), in Goiânia. In a conversation with the LeoDias column, Sthe gave tips for those who are starting in the life of a digital influencer and opened the game about how much he earns.

“My main tip for anyone looking to get started is to be authentic and not be like, because one day the mask will come off. It is also important to find your niche that you like to communicate very truthfully and move forward believing in your dream,” she said.


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Rebutting Abner, the young woman said that the ex always knew that the boy was not his son. But the relationship was not well resolved and the two continued to find each other strange on social media.Playback / Instagram

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Sthefane Matos, ex-pawn and controversial digital influencer- Metrópoles***Photo-Sthefane-Matos (6)

Together, the lovebirds carried out publiposts, advertising campaigns and passed on to the public an image of the perfect family. In January 2020, however, Sthefane revealed to followers that she had spotted Abner with another woman in the couple’s bed.Playback / Instagram

Sthefane Matos, ex-pawn and controversial digital influencer- Metrópoles***Photo-Sthefane-Matos (5)

In the stories, the influencer showed the paternity test and revealed the shock of discovering that he was not Apollo’s father. “I always knew, man, about betrayals. I knew it! But I didn’t know that my son was the result of a betrayal, f*ck! My son, come on! Apollo is not my son, man. Disgrace! Look at this, man,” he blurted out.Playback / Instagram

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She also said that the end of the year is the best time to earn money on the internet: “I don’t know if it has anything to do with Christmas, but it’s the time when brands look for me the most. At this time, I earn BRL 800,000 a month with the internet alone”.

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