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Find out what is the rental value of the new house in Luva de Pedreiro

After the recent controversies with his former manager Allan Jesus, influencer Iran Santana Alves, Luva de Pedreiro, finally moved to his new home on the coast of Pernambuco. Iran’s old house in the interior of Bahia had precarious conditions and needed renovations. The LeoDias column discovered some details of the influencer’s new residence, in addition to the rent.

To live on the seafront in a condominium located in Praia de Serrambi, the influencer and his team will have to pay no more than R$ 30 thousand in rent, according to a property rental website that advertised the property. In addition to the view, the house has four bedrooms, five parking spaces and five bathrooms.


New house in Glova de Pedreiro has a rent of R$ 30 thousandreproduction


The house has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 5 parking spaces.reproduction


It is located in a luxury condominium on the coast of Pernambucoreproduction


Mason’s Glove and his family will be very comfortablereproduction


Residence is furnishedreproduction


The property also has a pool and barbecue for Iran and his family to enjoy the northeastern summer. Even with the legal imbroglio involving his ex-manager and the controversial career agency contract, Luva de Pedreiro, in short, lives in a place consistent with the level reached on social media in recent months.

Serrambi Beach, paradise for the rich

Breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear waters and luxurious mansions: this is Serrambi, a beach in the municipality of Ipojuca, located on the south coast of Pernambuco. It is in this stunning place that the most powerful in the northeast are concentrated, in addition to being a favorite spot for several artists, many of them even have their summer homes right there. And now, it’s also the new home of Glove of Mason. The popular place is also close to Porto de Galinhas, just 14 km away.

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