Understand the fight between Carlinhos Maia and Bahian promoter Dudu Barros

Understand the fight between Carlinhos Maia and Bahian promoter Dudu Barros
Understand the fight between Carlinhos Maia and Bahian promoter Dudu Barros

Sunday (19) was marked by a fight involving Carlinhos Maia, Bahian promoter Dudu Barros and influencer Dudu Farias, with exchanges of accusations and revelations of betrayals.

Confusion occurred through social media and included exchanges of barbs. Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

It all started after Dudu revealed that he was disinvited from the new season of “Casa da Barra”, a reality show that Carlinhos shows on Instagram stories, a few days before the start of the project. In the message released, the comedian states that he would take him to the program in January.

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“What did I say I was going for? I went to sort everything out, sort out my look, sort out my ticket… I was very stupid. To arrive and uninvite. Ten days to go. How pathetic I was”, he said in an outburst.

After sharing the video, Dudu Farias entered the matter to defend his friend. “I told you not to go… You don’t deserve this humiliation! I’m your friend and I’m here for whatever you need. Now you’ll get where you deserve and you’ll see that this was a release. You know how much my life has evolved after I chose to block and move away”, he said.

Web discussion

The argument continued and Carlinhos Maia decided to speak out, stating that he did not cancel his then friend’s participation, he had just postponed it. He also stated that it helped him, including with the 600 thousand followers he has on Instagram.

Regarding Farias, he categorized himself as a “victim of Taubaté” and also said that he has “evidence that goes beyond naughtiness”, because he said that he was threatened by several people so that the betrayals of her husband, Lucas Guimarães, would not be leaked.

“You all know that in my marriage with Lucas I had many mistakes. He himself knows. Many indeed. And I’m opening it up here for you [seguidores]because what these people do to me, besides practically extorting me, they are bad”, he said.

Understand the fight between Carlinhos Maia and Bahian promoter Dudu Barros
Dudu Farias was accused by Lucas Guimarães of hiring call boys for Carlinhos Maia. Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

It was at that moment that Carlinhos Maia’s husband decided to speak out and revealed that Dudu Farias “adjusted” prostitutes so that betrayals could happen.

“That was the reason for the separation: he [Farias] I arranged call boys for my husband. That’s not right, right? Carlinhos made a big mistake too, but I talked to Carlinhos, we were separated for five months. I decided to forgive him even though it’s something that hurts me and hurts me to this day, but that’s between me and my husband”, she said.

Third round

Lucas Guimarães continued talking about the subject and said that his return with Carlinhos Maia only happened after his request to stay away from the influencer was accepted.

“One of the agreements when we came back was for him to stay away from the macho stylist, the best man at a miserable wedding. Carlinhos and I had a big fight, what did I have to say about him, I said. Now imagine having a best man who slept at your house? That you gave food? That you helped with money? He showed the catalog of men to your husband when you weren’t there? To this day I talk to God, how that hurts me”, he revealed.

Bahian Dudu Barros returned to the confusion by publishing a photo alongside the couple and said that, despite all the confusion, he is grateful to the comedian for everything he has done in his life.

“I know that Carlinhos is upset with me, after all I made an exhibition, maybe unnecessary, maybe not. [..] Thank you very much for everything, you helped me in the most difficult moment in my life, which was when my mother and godmother passed away, my life was crazy, and you made me smile again, something few friends were able to do”, he said.

“Apart from helping with the bills, I’m not ashamed of that, my life is an open book, sometimes with more complicated chapters, but many full of joy. I’m really grateful and I still love you the same way, you, Lucas, Dudu, and all my friends who are so important in my life”, he concluded.


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