“We ask for respect”, say Sandy and Lucas Lima about relapse rumors


20/11/2023 22:00, updated 11/21/2023 1:09

After rumors that they had given up on the divorce, Sandy and Lucas Lima used social media this Monday (20/11) to comment on the matter. In September, the artists publicly announced the end of their nearly 25-year union. “Even though we know that we will not be attended to, we ask again for respect and privacy, please”, they wrote in a story published together on Instagram.

“Everything that’s come out about us since we posted this [o post sobre a separação] – and which was not said by us, from our mouths – is an absolute and complete lie. Even seemingly harmless details were invented and are not harmless to our family,” they added.

And they continued to issue a warning, at the same time stressing that they need discretion: “There are no ‘nearby sources’; that’s cheap recourse to ‘I can invent anything’. Even though we know that we will not be attended to, we ask again for respect and privacy, please.”

Sandy and Lucas Lima speak out on social media


Recently, columnist Gabriel Perline, from IG Gente, revealed that Lucas and Sandy slept together during a work trip in Dublin, Ireland. Brazilian employees at the hotel where the ex-couple stayed stated that the two spent the night in the same room.


Sandy and Lucas are Theo’s parents
Lucas Lima and Sandy
Lucas Lima and Sandy
Sandy and Lucas Lima
He posted a really cute video on his Stories
Lucas Lima and Sandy had been married for 14 years


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