Silvia Abravanel remembers scolding Larissa Manoela’s mother: “Mess”


SBT heiress didn’t like the actress’ statement about ‘spooning’ with her boyfriend, when she was just 11 years old

20 Nov
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Silvia Abravanel revealed that she scolded Silvana Taques for allowing certain attitudes of her daughter, actress Larissa Manoela. The topic came up on the podcast Bagaceira Chiquecommanded by Luciana Gimenez.

On the program, Silvia was asked about Larissa’s family disputes with her parents over financial issues. The presenter confessed that she was not surprised by the “whole mess” involving the former child actress.

It turns out that, at the time she caught Silvana’s attention, it was due to a statement from the 11-year-old girl about spooning with her boyfriend. Silvia stated that she heard that the former businesswoman had no control over her daughter, because Larissa was the one who “supported the house”.

“I knew Larissa very little, because he already joined [no SBT] for soap opera, not for show line [programas infantis]. The only contact I had with her mother was at a very difficult time, because, therefore, I always took great care of the children and the images of the children and what they passed on to the other children at home, we have that responsibility”, he explained. the heiress of Silvio Santos.

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“And then I had to call the director of the soap opera and the parents [do elenco da novela], I called Silvana, I don’t remember if her husband was there, I said: ‘Look, it’s not acceptable for your 11-year-old daughter to spread on the internet that she sleeps cuddling with her boyfriend, she made a point of publicizing this at the time, and Then Silvana turned to me and said ‘Silvia, I can’t do anything, because my daughter is the breadwinner of the house’. I said ‘Yes, you can, because you are her mother. I’m not asking who supports your house, I’m simply saying that you have an obligation to educate your daughter and take care of that, because she’s a child, who deals with children.”

Finally, Silvia Abravanel stated that she managed to reverse the situation and guaranteed that Silvana Taques started to control Larissa Manoela’s statements after the scolding.

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