Scott Pilgrim creator responds to fans about Netflix anime’s big twist


Bryan Lee O’Malley made it clear that this is a different story

In the first episode of Scott Pilgrim: The Seriesfans will find a big twist that may not please fans of the film and the original comics, but the creator of the story that gave rise to this universe, Bryan Lee O’Malley, who is also involved in the production of Netflix, spoke about the surprise – without giving spoilers of the plot.

While the twist pleased a large part of the public and critics, causing the anime to be highly acclaimed, some more purist fans did not like the changes in the story. In a sequence of stories on Instagram, Bryan Lee O’Malley spoke to fans outraged by the changes in the plot in a publication he titled “some notes”.

“I personally wrote all the scripts with BenDavid Grabinski. I constantly rewrote dialogue to make it more Scott Pilgrim, but I couldn’t have written it without BenDavid. Plus, no one told us what to do – that was 100% our idea,” said the writer, before explaining the recording process for the animated series.

The creator also talked about the big twist in the first episode:

“I think the anime timeline is its own thing,” explained. “It comments on the comics and the film, but it shouldn’t replace them. It’s just a new iteration that starts from the beginning. I hope you can watch all 8 episodes before deciding how you feel. I know it’s very different and this may come as a shock, but it’s all intended to be fun. If you are confused or want more information, you can always read the books and watch the movie.” Yes, O’Malley concluded: “If You didn’t like it, I still appreciate you.”

Scott Pilgrim – The Series with the most prominence for Ramona Flowers

With the return of the film’s original cast Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), a cult classic by Edgar Wright, the Netflix animation adapts O’Malley’s comics, which tell the story of Scott Pilgrim, a young man who, to win over the girl of his dreams, must face an army of ex-boyfriends of the beloved.

Scott Pilgrim: The Series is available on Netflix.

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