Fear The Walking Dead created the perfect return for Rick and Michonne

Fear The Walking Dead created the perfect return for Rick and Michonne
Fear The Walking Dead created the perfect return for Rick and Michonne

As ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ came to an end, the series established a perfect connection for the appearance of important characters in the spinoff ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’. This spinoff isn’t just the conclusion of Rick and Michonne’s love story. But also a web of connections between the various series in the universe ‘The Walking Dead’.

Characters and plots from other spinoffs, such as the presence of the Civic Republic Army (CRM), are expertly integrated, promising a rich, interconnected plot.

One of the linksmost significant is the character Althea from ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘. A journalist before the apocalypse, Althea joins the series in the fourth season and, in the fifth season, meets Isabelle, a CRM soldier. After recording a CRM soldier as a zombie, Althea runs away with Isabelle, deserting her duties out of love.

Althea’s departure from the series in season seven, and her involvement with the CRM, thus offers an intriguing way to intertwine her story with that of Rick and Michonne in the new spinoff.

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Rick Grimes, who was taken by the CRM, is a central point in the plot of ‘The Ones Who Live’, with Michonne actively searching for her husband. So, Althea’s relationship with the CRM, especially after disguising herself as a soldier and intercepting coordinates, puts her in the same position as an opponent of the CRM as Rick.

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His insider knowledge and Michonne’s continued search for Rick foreshadow a potential collaboration between Althea and Michonne. Especially if they both manage to evade the CRM.

The possible interaction between Althea and Rick at the CRM, or a meeting between Althea and Michonne, would strengthen the narrative of ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’. In this way, skillfully tying the plot of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ with the new series.

Althea, as a bridge between the different series, would therefore enrich the vast universe of ‘The Walking Dead‘, also creating an exciting and satisfying ending for fans.

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