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‘Am I going to have to sing like that?’

‘Am I going to have to sing like that?’
‘Am I going to have to sing like that?’

Djonga’s outfit catches fire at a concert, leaving the singer in just his underwear on stage

Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

The singer Djonga got a scare this weekend after shorts catch fire with a pyrotechnic error on stage at the Afropunk festival. The event took place this Saturday, the 18th. The rapper was burned, but said he is fine.

In images circulating on social media, Djonga is running during the performance when some pyrotechnic flames cross the stage and one of the jets hits the shorts he is wearing. He continues walking, without realizing it.

Only when the fans warn him of the situation, he rushes and takes off his shorts, leaving him in his underwear. Even with the scare, he jokes with the audience: “Am I going to have to sing like this, am I right? Like that?”

After the images spread, Djonga posted a video of the moment on social media saying that they tried to kill him again, but that he resisted.

“They tried to kill the brother again, but the brother resists, thank you daddy from heaven and the orixás, I’m fine, and those things here can still be used, kiss”, he wrote.

In stories, he said “it was close”. “If you notice, the other jet of fire almost caught my head, leg is burned but I’m taking care of it“, he said. “Now imagine if the brother doesn’t like wearing underwear? What a situation that would be.”

Source: Redação Terra

The article is in Portuguese



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