Horoscope: see predictions for all signs this Wednesday, the 15th

Horoscope: see predictions for all signs this Wednesday, the 15th
Horoscope: see predictions for all signs this Wednesday, the 15th

Virginia Gaia

14/11/2023 – 21:14

In broad daylight Proclamation of the Republic, in Brazil, the mood wants to talk about politics! But the celestial dance requires more diplomacy and dialogue and less sudden actions or authoritarian measures. So, it’s time to embrace friends and dialogue with enemies, seeking a viable path for both, or at least for the majority.

This Wednesday, the 15th, the communicative planet Mercury reaches the exact point in the sky where it will form a harmonious aspect with the diplomatic Venus. In this way, heaven seems to lend a helping hand to conversations that involve productive discussions about personal beliefs and values ​​and how all of this affects those next to them. Therefore, it is best to have more friendly conversations than confrontations, even if the desire to discuss antagonisms is present, since the Sun Scorpio still goes hand in hand with the warrior Mars and opposite to Uranus.

In this context, the New Moon advances through the sign of Sagittarius, the zodiacal territory dedicated to learning, to achievements made based on great ideals and to expansion in a broad sense: from the personal to the territorial and made in the name of entire countries and cultures. Therefore, with so many conflicts happening on Earth, it is necessary to have wisdom. For we must never lose sight of the fact that the archer represented in Sagittarius constellation he aims his arrow while being blind due to the nebula that is in front of his face. Called, in antiquity, Faciesthis fascinating astronomical object was later named Messier 22 (or M22).

And this is how the stars teach, in their symbolic language attributed by humans, that it is necessary to be cautious when moving forward nourished by deeply rooted beliefs. And that the greatest sin is to follow without questioning. But, to counterbalance all this, there is the flirtation between Mercury and Venus which, incidentally, also helps those who need to discuss the relationship, whatever its nature.

So, talk, expose, reconcile. Be political and diplomatic, even in the most intimate relationships. Conquering the world requires, before anything else, touching hearts and minds with words that fill the heart to make the soul overflow!

Watch: Even with less than 10% of the body illuminated, the New Moon will be visible for a short time, after sunset and until around 9 pm, close to the Western horizon. Amid Serpentarius Constellationthe queen of the night will be practically next to the Butterfly Cluster (Messier 6 or M6), located near the tail of the mythical celestial arachnid.

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Aries: expand your vision and avoid dogmatism, Aries. It’s time to grow with experience, but without prejudice.

Bull: The mood has a sexy touch for you, Taurus. It’s time for you to seduce with subtleties and based on intelligence.

Twins: be inspired by good conversations and let the chat flow, Gemini. It’s time to cultivate good relationships.

Cancer: Take advantage of your weekly break to take care of yourself a little, Cancer. You need to pay attention to your health.

Lion: enjoy the day to the fullest, Leo. Just be careful with possible excesses and exaggerations due to excitement.

Virgin: Enjoy your intimacy more, Virgo. It’s time to value those closest to you.

Lb: Communicate clearly, Libra. In fact, also invest in intellectual activities, which are well favored.

Scorpion: Be productive and assertive with your resources, Scorpio. It is important that you know what is a priority.

Sagittarius: Take care of your body and boost your self-esteem, Sagittarius. It’s just not worth criticizing too much.

Capricorn: Try to rest your mind and spirit a little, Capricorn. It’s time to also take care of your spirituality.

Aquarium: Be in good company, Aquarius. Heaven asks for more attention from friends and those closest to you.

Fish: Take advantage of the weekly break to rest your mind and plan for what’s to come, Pisces. The moment calls for a vision of the future.

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