Mariana Rios’ new apartment has a large living room, three suites and will undergo renovation: ‘Resignify’ | Entertainment

Mariana Rios’ new apartment has a large living room, three suites and will undergo renovation: ‘Resignify’ | Entertainment
Mariana Rios’ new apartment has a large living room, three suites and will undergo renovation: ‘Resignify’ | Entertainment

Now at her new address in São Paulo, Mariana Rios is still active in making her home look her own. Since she was robbed, on October 30th, the actress immediately tried to move out. And she is willing to live in the midst of the reforms she set out to make. At least this way, she is sure that she will be able to reestablish the feeling of tranquility at home.

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“Resignify. May we increasingly give a new meaning to the path when life makes us go off track. Nothing happens by mere and circumstantial chance. Everything has a reason to be. Be grateful for adversities. They are what make you grow”, he reflected Mariana, after showing the visit to the architect.

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The actress also published an excerpt of the plan of the new address. You can see that it is an apartment with a large living room, with an integrated balcony, and there are three suites, one of which is master, that is, it is larger than the other rooms and contains a closet.

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“The phase of choosing the decoration details has arrived,” said Mariana, who kept an eye on the architect’s research for the coverings.

Mariana Rios shows plans for a new apartment — Photo: Reproduction

Mariana Rios left her address on November 12th. The famous friends celebrated the achievement in the comments and were looking forward to the “open house”, the inauguration party.

“When one cycle ends, we immediately begin another. Sometimes we get so attached to the clouds that form in the sky, that we forget to open the plane’s window after takeoff. Up high, we see the beautiful cotton carpet seen from above. Above, the sky bluer than ever, the sun radiating its beauty. That’s life too! Sometimes we turn a problem into a sky full of clouds, not seeing what’s coming. Plenitude is only felt by those who is not afraid to take higher flights, to face challenges with the same strength that taking off a plane requires. Don’t be content with looking just a foot above your axis. Look beyond! Better than being afraid, is trusting in the beauty of the unknown!”, wrote the presenter.

Mariana Rios had her house robbed on October 30th. She lived in the South Zone of São Paulo and was not at the address at the time of the incident. On the social network, she shared some items that were stolen and asked for help from people she knows who work or who have access to luxury objects to try to locate them.

If only the scholarships shared by Mariana are added together, the loss is around R$285 thousand. She says there are still exclusive bags that she couldn’t find photos of on the internet to share.

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