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Netflix rival? SBT announces launch of its new streaming


Soon, broadcaster SBT should have a streaming service to call its own. +SBT was announced by the vice-president of the broadcaster and daughter of Sílvio Santos, Daniela Beyruti. The announcement was made on social media and caused great repercussion in the domestic market.

The +SBT catalog

According to behind-the-scenes information, +SBT should feature all the content shown by broadcaster SBT, something that is currently in effect on the SBT Vídeos platform. In any case, the broadcaster’s idea is to increase the catalog with original and exclusive content.

One of the ideas, for example, is to launch a new version of the series Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo, which was very successful in past decades when it was broadcast in other versions on TV Bandeirantes, and on TV Globo. The classic is based on the books by Monteiro Lobato.

The catalog should also have an exclusive tab with only the full texts of the programs presented by Silvio Santos, the channel’s owner.

A series of documentaries about the lives of stars who made history on SBT, such as presenters Gugu Liberato, Hebe Camargo and Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, should also be included in the catalog.

Vice-president of SBT posted new +SBT logo. Image: Reproduction/ Instagram

When will SBT streaming be released?

Still according to behind-the-scenes information, the new SBT streaming should only be launched next year, more precisely on some date between January and February 2024.

The general idea is that the new service will have its own application for cell phones. But it should also be released on TVs. Brands like Samsung and LG would already be in advanced conversations in this regard.

The competition


According to expert analyses, the arrival of +SBT should not make the Netflix losing the most consumed streaming position in Brazil. But the fact is that the North American site has been suffering from some commercial problems in recent months.

A new survey showed that this streaming recorded an increase of no less than 78% in the number of searches for cancellation of subscription.

This boom in demand peaked shortly after the company announced that it would put an end to password sharing in the Brazilian market. Several users sought information to cancel the service when they realized they could no longer share their subscriptions with colleagues who live at different addresses.

The study in question was carried out by the Tunad intelligence agency and was obtained by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo. The survey attempted to analyze searches related to the cancellation of several streaming services in Brazil. Globoplay, for example, it recorded a drop in the number of searches about canceling the service.

Overall, the study identified that searches related to canceling subscriptions are directly impacted by changes in charges, that is, whenever a streaming platform announces that it will raise the prices of its packages, there is a spike in searches for cancellation on the internet. .


In January of this year, for example, globoplay announced an adjustment to the prices of its packages. Shortly after that announcement, the platform recorded the biggest increase in searches about cancellation. At the same step, Prime Video there was a drop of 42% and Netflix registered a small increase of 3%.

Prime Video

Prime Video announced its price adjustment only in the month of May, and it was precisely on this occasion that a peak in demand for cancellations was recorded, reaching an increase of 65%, while Globoplay recorded a 7% drop in related searches. to the subject.

All these numbers lead us to believe that the success or otherwise of +SBT depends directly on the amount that will be charged for your subscription.

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